Accounts Receivable Management


Recovering owed money, better known as “collections,” is an art and it all surrounds negotiations. N.O.D. school teaches students to become champion negotiators, a professional perfect for your accounts receivable management team. Save big money before sending your delinquent accounts to a collection agency by employing a professional who can boast a minimum of 15 years experience in the collections field. In addition to an expert negotiator, your company will get:

– To work with only one proffesional who specializes in commercial and retail collections.

– The utmost in confidentiality.

– Professional service and so will your debtors who will be treated in a respectful manner.

– A highly skilled and experienced professional who operates off site, which means there is no need to provide office space. In other words, your company hires a professional that is trained by NOD to do “in-house” or “first-party” collection work for your company.

– Excellent debt recovery results every time because collection procedures begin within 24 business hours after the account has been assigned.

– Fast service so you can determine if you should retain the account or send it on to your collection agency.

– All the money owed by your debtor is paid directly to your office. Your professional never sees or directly accepts any payments from the debtor.

– To pay a very low fee and/or hourly wage (Ask how to offset all your professional’s fee and/or hourly wage for the accounts receivable management service and easily create a new growing stream of revenue forever! Did you know that a fortune for your company is slipping through your fingers? In addition, find out how your company can easily generate new revenue from your current and former clients/customers forever!).

– Your company’s advertising expenses slashed!

The combination of the N.O.D. service, Click here, and accounts receivable management service and the rewards service, Click here, is called “Accounts receivable management max”. It was specifically designed to reduce operating expenses, manage debts, and then to easily generate an explosion of new and progressive revenue! Right now there is virtually no limit on the amount of revenue that your company can generate with N.O.D.! Accounts receivable management max is a must have in order to activate a new cash generating machine which will add directly to your company’s bottom line as opposed being an expense just to do business.

N.O.D. has saved companies that were in financial trouble, and has been responsible for other companies realizing record profit years. Whatever your company’s objectives or goals may be, NOD will become one of its biggest assets for business consulting expertise, and will help your company to implement proven solutions that suit today’s ever changing world. This is the only customer loyalty program in the world that pays your company in two ways. It starts by maximizing your revenue from the products or services that your company offers, and tops that off with the new and growing revenue that your will receive from NOD. Customized customer loyalty programs are also available. Now is the time to forever capture the revenue that your company has been losing. E-mail N.O.D. at: inquiries[at] or  write in the subject line “Accounts receivable management” in order to get complete details on how to get started today!

Fees and/or hourly wage can change without advance warning.


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