How CBSD suggests a member conducts business with an advertiser


– Check the feedback area to discover what others who have experienced.

– Ask the advertiser which church that he or she has a membership with and check it out.

– Pray with the advertiser before you begin discussions.

– If you are trying to get someone or company to work for you, ask for a quote and ask what is the advertiser’s terms and conditions before you decide to hire the advertiser. Ask N.O.D. by clicking here so you will be guaranteed to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you plan to spend over $1,000.00.

– Do not expect because the advertiser is a brother or sister that you should expect get work done at below cost or free. This is unreasonable because if all his customers are brothers and sisters who received the same treatment, the advertiser would lose money. Would you be prepared to enter into the same arrangement? Think of the golden rule before you consider how much should be paid. At the same time the advertiser should not take advantage and over charge the brother or sister. Once again the golden rule should be considered before any suggestions are made.

– Consider getting referrals from the advertisers so you can contact them to get feedback on their work.

If the advertiser refuses to provide a quote in writing and you can not agree on all terms and conditions, do not do not continue with hopes that things will work it self out. You could be getting set up to be victimized. No matter how good the idea of doing business with this advertiser, don’t do it. You may learn the hard way to regret it. Stop wasting your time and gracefully bow out and move on. If you still blindly move ahead, the only person you should blame is yourself because the signs were there and you decided to ignore it. You could have chose to stop at anytime but decided to continue and take your chances.

– For a small fee, you can also ask N.O.D. to try to pre-screen the advertiser if you are seriously considering using the advertiser.

– If you decide to hire the person or company, agree on the payment terms before the advertiser begins and then inspect the job once completed thoroughly.

– If you discover that job is not to your satisfaction, advise the advertiser immediately so that he or she has a chance to address your concern.

– E-mail your feedback once to CBSD so that others can get an idea what type of experience they could encounter. Please provide your name, phone number, mailing address, Keep in mind your personal information will not be published on the internet. Your personal information is to confirm that your comment is real and verifiable. Include the church they have a membership with, their contact name, company name, phone number, the type of job or service completed and date of then the job or transaction was complete. Use the numbering system to describe your over all experience: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Good, 3 = Fair, 2 = Could be better 1 = Poor Next, in two sentences explain how you concluded to the rating you gave to the person or company.


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