Christian Business and Services Directory: Disclaimer

Because of the complexities which are involved in contractual arrangements, Negotiate on Demand Inc. (N.O.D.), the Christian Business and Services Directory (CBSD) and all companies related to N.O.D. cannot endorse the product(s), service(s) and/or work of any advertiser. Correspondingly, N.O.D. accepts no responsibility for the performance or actions of any advertiser, member, organization or any person. Hence, the admonition “caveat emptor” – let the buyer be aware.

N.O.D. has included webpages inside the CBSD, for members and advertisers, a fail proof “HOW CBSD SUGGESTS….” step by step approach to virtually eliminate the most common negative experiences which is failing to receive what was previously agreed to by both parties. N.O.D. suggests that both parties refer to the applicable webpage, which is located on CBSD’s main webpage and any church webpage, and follow the steps before engaging in any business transaction.

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