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 With just a few clicks of your mouse, in seconds you can search the Christian Business and Services Directory (CBSD) starting at your local church and, as the CBSD expands outside of Ontario, all the way up to the worldwide level to find Christian business professionals, Christians who offer services and skills and Christians who sell products. The CBSD of churches and church member advertisers is constantly growing, getting updated daily and fine tuned so please return regularly to find what you are looking for.

“Inexpensively and quickly multiply your earnings by providing your business expertise, products, services and/or skills on a local church, community, provincial/state, country and/or worldwide level to the millions of Christians who want to spend their money only with other Christians! And only with the CBSD you will guarantee that all monies spent will stay in your church increasing the chances for progressive growth in overall tithings and free will offerings so that your church can become financially stronger than ever before!”

A little known fact: On average, 90% of members do not know what type of business, services and/or skills that other members in their church offers which means numerous missed earning opportunities. Thousands and even millions of dollars are spent every year outside of each church and virtually all churches collectively billions when almost all of it can be easily redirected to remain within the churches’ four walls.


When both or one of the party’s intentions were good, somehow something was not clearly stated, ground rules were not established in advance, expectations were not mutual or one of the parties was out to prey on the other. What should have been a flawless and positive exchange of product/service for payment ended up to be a negative experience. Make no mistake that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing especially in every church where trusting and vulnerable Christians are taken advantage of. Therefore, we can not assume that every time we do business with “a so-called member”, it will be “a match made in heaven”. Unfortunately this is the realities of the world that we live in and there are hundreds of stories out there. Don’t become the next one. Although these experiences do not happen often, they can be very costly but easily avoided by taking some simple safety precautions. If you are a church member advertiser and a member or someone in your churches community has contacted you to consider to do business with you, learn how to guarantee that your experience will be a positive one by clicking here. And if you are a member, before you make plans to consider on hiring an church member advertiser, click here. If you want to use the church locater right now, please find the webpage link close to the bottom of this webpage. If you are considering advertising in the CBSD, you must read the Code of Conduct and the Terms & Conditions below before joining for free or making your payment located on your church’s webpage:





A feedback system similar to the internet company “E-BAY” for full transparency on how church members advertisers and members conduct themselves whether it is positive or negative. Members will be able to use this information and other tools to decide if they should conduct business based on the feedback from other members. Members will be able to make a more accurate conclusion once there is a pattern of feedback so it’s important that both parties involved provides truthful and accurate feedback. All related information that is received will be kept in the strictest confidence. The CBSD strongly suggests that every attempt should be made to resolve a dispute before feedback from both parties is submitted.

In addition, unpaid bills owed to a Christian or a CBSD church member advertiser, which could go back a number of years, will be listed for all to see. Unpaid bills owed by the member to the church member advertiser must be verified by CBSD and then the member will be contacted to determine if the debt can be resolved in a reasonable time frame and in an amicable way to avoid taking any further steps. The value of money owed to the Christian or a CBSD church member advertiser erodes when members do not pay on time and even worst, lose money when members fail to pay. This list will also include slow paying members. If you are a member and you have an overdue bill with any Christian or a CBSD church member advertiser, pay him, her or them now to avoid them from deciding to place you on this list! Those who do not conduct themselves with spiritual integrity will be identified so that those who do can avoid them.


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Please note: Negotiate on Demand Inc. is an independent and privately controlled internet company that founded and owns the Christian Business and Services Directory (CBSD) and is in no way associated with religious faiths or denominations.


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