Employment listing

$100,000/year+ executive customer service rep positions

Financial and locally based organization Negotiate on Demand (NOD) has immediate, but limited, openings for young, tech savvy, extroverted and energetic candidates to work on its executive promotion projects in the Toronto downtown area.  Details are as follows:

– Who will be considered: All ethic backgrounds and sizes ranging from ages 18 – 25 years.  You must be able to operate in a busy environment, speak fluent English, are trainable, a quick learner, friendly, approachable, enthusiastic, energetic and a team player.

– Type of work: You will be interacting with professionals in the downtown Toronto financial district indoors. Sales and customer service experience is an asset but is not necessary. We will train and provide 100% support to all suitable candidates.

– Attire on the job: Tasteful and business professional.

– Start time: Your first day of work could be as soon as 24 hours after the receipt of your online form on our website.  Any other submissions outside of completed and sent through our website will not be considered.

– Working hours: Minimum full time 8 – 12 flexible hours, Mondays to Fridays, allowing aspiring models to work around their other shoots and schedule.

– Base salary: guaranteed $86,000+ equivalent.

– Daily performance bonuses: $500+.

– How to apply: Please visit: www.thenod.ca and click on the link where it says on the left hand side of the webpage: “3) Secure above average paying part time or full time employment. At this time, openings are only available for Canadian and U.S. residents. Read more…“.  Scroll down to the heading which reads “EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP # 3”. For the tracking number, enter: 1001. For the last name, enter: Kijiji. For the first name, enter: NOD management.  For the phone number, enter: 1-888-663-6602.
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