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Building on the growing success of the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative, we are proud  to introduce the Global Game Changers (GGC) subscription plan. GGC is the most cost rewarding subscription plan in the world for its financial supporters. It is also the fastest, in terms of the impact to those who are in need in your local community. And it is accountable, in terms of presenting undeniable and superior results!  We will raise the industry bar to weed out the causes which collects money year after year and then produces poor net results. Unlike all the conventional causes, which offers subscription plans to its financial supporters, the GGC subscription plan was designed to produce bankable and progressive results in a fraction of the time by executing our GGC end game strategy. Our goal is to assist potential tax recipients to become tax payers where those tax dollars they will save the government can be used to pay for the much needed and deserved care for our veterans who have served our country. How do we plan to guide these at-risk youth to become tax payers? We will be teaching them how to financially self sustain themselves by educating them in finance and then train them on how to use their new attained knowledge to improve themselves and their community.  And the GGC subscription plan even gets better! As a GGC supporter, you can choose to retain Negotiate on Demand for free to handle negotiating your expenses and purchases and then enjoy the savings up to the amount you pay monthly for the GGC subscription plan! Why wait for a tax benefit for up to a year when instead you can get financial discounts on your monthly expenses starting within 60 days?

Now, there are six subscription plans to chose from to join the GGC movement in order to make your impact:

1) Icon – $100,000.00 or higher plus $10,000.00 per month.

2) Living legend – $25,000.00 plus $500.00 per month.

3) All-star – Silence The Violence And Shun The Guns catalogue plus $250.00 per month.

4) Starter – $300.00 plus $100.00 per month.

5) Supporting role player – $150.00 plus $50.00 per month.

6) Rookie – $75.00 plus $25.00 per month.

7) Prospect – $50.00 plus $10.00 per month.

A gala will be held in Toronto up to twice a year so you can see, and if you choose to meet, the youth who you are impacting their future.  So what are your waiting for?  Call the number below to become one of our newest Global Game Changers starting today!


If you wish to contact Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns, please call 1-888-663-6602, Ext.  9 or send your e-mails to: inquiries[at] .