How CBSD suggests an advertiser conducts business with a member

– Rule of thumb: Always under promise and over deliver. You can’t go wrong because then there will be virtually no chances of a complaint.

– “The customer is always right.” Well, within reason. McDonalds built an international business generating billions every year on that company rule. Bottom line, both parties should keep the golden rule in mind at all times.

– Read the code of conduct, again.

– Ask the member which church that he or she has a membership with and check it out.

– Pray with the member before you enter into discussions.

– Establish right up front with the member what type of work you do. Outline in writing your terms and conditions including how much you expect to get paid and when you expect payment and then give it to the member for everything to be mutually agreed upon before you begin. If you can not come to a mutual agreement, do not continue with hopes that things will work it self out. You could be getting set up to be victimized. No matter how good the idea of doing business with this member, don’t do it. You may learn the hard way to regret it. Stop wasting your time and gracefully bow out and move on. If you still blindly move ahead, the only person you should blame is yourself because the signs were there and you decided to ignore it. You could have chose to stop at anytime but decided to continue and take your chances.

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– If you receive too many negative feedbacks, we will bring this to your attention so you can
improve your business practices. If the complaints continue, your account will be terminated and you could be ban forever.

– By being courteous at all times because in most cases this is the best way to defuse a possible disagreement.

– Be attentive to your member’s needs. Don’t leave any concerns unaddressed for more than 24 hours.

– Bring to CBSD’s attention any member who does not pay their accounts on time.


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