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Here are the top three reasons why people wants to volunteer, but especially for N.O.D..

1) They want to make a difference. At N.O.D. we believe that with the rising reports of gun violence with our youth is more urgent than ever. Gangs and violence effects everyone. By addressing the wrongs, which must be made right, will result in sustainable equality for all mankind. The making right the wrongs starts by addressing “the deficit”. Equality for human rights starts and grows with those who raises awareness of these important issues. You could be the advocate we need to be part of our team for positive change.

2) They need to develop their personal and professional skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. N.O.D.’s personnel has over 20 years in personal and professional mentoring experience. These invaluable skills our personnel specializes in includes in-depth knowledge and has mastered sales and marketing, successful small business start ups, finance, strategic thinking, personal and professional image development, relationship building, team leading, interpersonal interactions. The platform for our volunteers allows them to learn and develop skills at their pace to position themselves to secure much better employment, business opportunities or move their way up to bigger positions with N.O.D.. A letter of recommendation from N.O.D. outlining what was taught to the volunteer carries a lot of weight with employers when attempting to stand out in the very competitive job market.  We can help you build your success story!

3) They want to be associated with people who are on the same page. At N.O.D. almost every day, we see inequalities in society. We also see the random acts of support from people who commit their time, resources and money to support the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative. We also discover people who should be supporting this initiative or any local Black based cause choose not to for the most unbelievable reasons. We can assure you that you will be surprised of what you will witness.

Let us help you to turn your weakest skills into your biggest strengthens. And then we’ll design a customized blueprint for your success and help you execute it. Bottom line, your future success is secure with N.O.D.!

For the safety and security of N.O.D.’s personnel, partners, volunteers and supporters, who we interact with, a vigorous screening process is conducted on all applicants.  We value our ongoing relationships as our greatest assets and have gone to great lengths to protect them at all costs.

If after reviewing your submission you are invited for an interview, we’ll go into further details with you about N.O.D., its goals, the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative, your goals and objectives and then we will create a customized blueprint for your success.

Volunteer and you will receive one of these T-shirts and a Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns wrist bracelet!

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Anti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt frontAnti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt back


What you will need to complete this online form:

– the answers for the first four questions for this form. Ask the person who directed you to this webpage for the answers.

– your up to date resume.

– pictures of you – closeup headshots of your front, right and left taken in front of a white background with bright lighting. Someone can help you take the photos using a cellular phone.

Please complete the form below, e-mail us: inquiries[at] if you have trouble completing the form and write in subject line “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns Volunteer Application Form – Help”. Include your first and last name, phone number and e-mail address:




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