Learning about black publications

February 8, 2018


You probably met me already or perhaps somehow you got my business card.  I am the founder of the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative.  In 2010, I embarked on this initiative to achieve a number of concerns. I have not revealed myself to the public for some obvious reasons although I am known by division 52 because in the earlier days, they would stop to chat. As we evolved into items that has our logo, police officers are even more enthusiastic and eager to know more about this initiative. Some police officers has bought our items too. This year I will be very visible in the public where I may conduct interviews for the media and hold press conferences. The time has almost come to introduce myself to the general public.


Now, on the top of my list of concerns is the negative stereotypes how society portrays people of the colour, especially Black males.  As I observed these unsettling realities as time went by, I wondered where are the positives offset the negatives? I did not see where I saw myself of what image society was portraying.  This fact greatly concerned me.  I know several Black males who are of good character but we never hear from him.  Over the years I also noticed we have a disproportionate number of none whites who are overpoliced, assaulted and murdered by bad police, are caught up in judicial system and in jail. I concluded that social and economic exclusion leads to poverty and poverty leads to avoidable crimes.  Fortunately I have met several non Blacks mainly in the downtown Toronto financial district, especially whites who have supported this initiative and they still do to this day. I have observed in those people understood the social and economic inequalities non white heterosexual males experiences every daily.  And because of those growing number of people who have bought the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns items, this initiative has grown. I thank those people for identifying that I have 100% commitment to seeing this initiative through. Meaning, I must see results and will continue working until the job is done. I must win for a better society so I continue to fight. I must either collaborate with other related causes and movements or become the leader in the field we serve.  Believing in me whereby your continued purchases of Silence the Violence and Shun the Gunsover 100 items. Your encouragement. I have made a huge sacrifice in many ways. I jeopardized my safety while sold my growing number of publications promoting all races and related Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns items for over seven years. I have been assaulted by strangers, which the police can attest.  One time, without provocation, an Asian guy tried to sucker punch me. If he landed his punch as he charged at me, I would have fallen backwards and either hit my head on the pavement on the street or got run over during rush hour and get killed. I left a very successful career in finance to serve the community. I put my reputation on the line so that a noticeable improvement will be realized. I have extensive experience in finance and business. As those who knows about finance, they know that finance is the business of planning for the future and especially long term planning.  The Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative is now known as the leading organization, by far, for working to reduce youth gangs and gun violence. 2017 was the biggest year yet without a website and other challenges but we just roared on. Relentless, tough, innovative and smart can only explain where we are now.  Please see our year end remarks and plans for 2018 on Facebook. Our progressive success year after year is not by chance. After over seven years, I determined it was time to offer corporate sponsorship opportunities.  What does that tell you? We have our financial house in order to be able to continually grown year after year with no outside financial assistance. Our sales to mainly the movers and shakers in the Toronto financial district and abroad, is the reason why we have grown. They say the cream always rises to the top so to take a N.G.O. approach instead of many others who operate as a non profit or charity has proven why we are number one. The platform is now built for success to extend the financial opportunities to those who are left behind. We are evolving.  Please take note of our new website at: https://www.silencetheviolence.ca You can also visit our webpages on my corporate website, Negotiate on Demand at: https://www.thenod.ca



Now we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays and happy new year starting with our loyal and growing supporters, our staff, our volunteers, our partners, our suppliers and even our critics and enemies. We have much love for you! LOL All of you have played a role in our very successful year for 2017 despite of a few snags. And because of the snags this year, we simply reacted by expediting our efforts in order to ensure that our platform is built for a very eagerly anticipated 2018. In the end, those snags had little to no impact on our forward progression and growth. Overall, we may be further ahead than projected. In the second quarter, we started speaking out by designing and displaying different 22″ x 28″ signs concerning “social and economic exclusion” for the public to read when they ecountered us at our outreach campaigns and outings. The public read our signs, and first time and our ongoing buyers bought our items to show their agreeance and support. For these facts are the inequalities we speak of are the main ingredients for poverty and the existence of youth gangs and gun-violence. Hopefully if our enemies are fair and reasonable, they will instead attack those who are responsible for these race targeted evil actions which we call “the social and economic keep away game”. In the meantime, our product line significantly grew, especially this year. And our loyal supporters bought our new items too after we introduced them. For the first time, we were extended invitations to set up our booth at well established host’s events which we accepted. We really hit our stride this year. And we have identified and discovered a lot of new growth and partnership opportunities. There’s more to come concerning our plans. In fact, we would like to list the number one rankings over Canadian and possibly even the U.S. anti-gun violence and gangs causes thus far. We like to call these facts “our number ones”.:

– The most number of items, for sale currently sitting at 116, with more to come. We started out with just one item for sale in 2011.

– The only and greatest presence mainly in the Toronto downtown financial district.

– The biggest and loyal following of buyers of our growing items mainly in the Toronto downtown financial district.

– The only organization to have expanded its presence outside of Ontario.

– The ability to fully operate progressively for years independent of outside financial assistance.

– The highest number of open employment opportunities which is currently up to at least 100 positions.

– The greatest efforts for bringing awareness to violence against females, specifically in the gang world. We have an anti-violence against females product line which we sell at women rights events.

– The greatest efforts for bringing awareness to gun-violence against the LBGTQ community. We have an anti-violence against LGBTQ product line which we sell at gay pride in Toronto.

– The only organization which promotes good policing. In 2017, we added a t-shirt for sale promoting good policing because in general, police officers get a bad rap. Every police officer who had inquiried about our branding executives, who are wearing our volunteer t-shirt in the field with the banned gun logo, has greatly approved of our mere presence. They curiously ask details concerning our initiative, how to connect with us and offer to us how we can connect with them. Our interactions with the police has been extremely positive and very encouraging. This coming year, we will be proposing a formal relationship starting with the Toronto police. And over the years, some police officers have bought and still buy our items. It was well overdue to do our part to help dispel the negative stereotypes society protrays of policing.

– The greatest efforts for overall youth gangs and gun-violence awareness and branding.

Now there is no doubt that other youth gangs and gun-violence causes are nowhere close to the level of progression the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative had achieved so far. For years, we have done the necessary and daunting work that apparently no one is prepared to do or is able to do. Now it is undoubtedly obvious that we are committed to effecting the necessary changes for all mankind. We have proved it over time. We have proved it because we speak the language that our core supporters speak and beyond. We have proved it because of our recent rapid growth. We have proved it because of our dominate ranking in almost all areas over all other related anti-gun violence causes. Most of these other causes had launched around the same time or well before the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative. Now we are beginning to wonder what have they been doing all this time? Why aren’t they interested in collaborating with the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative to make an even bigger impact and expidite the healing process? We reached out to all these well known organizations and even an outspoken pastor who holds press conferences concerning the escalating youth gangs and gun violence, underfunding in his community and the lack of jobs for the youth. Some would speculate it is their ego. Others would speculate it is their inexperience to collaborate with similar organizations that are at the same level or higher than theirs. Others would speculate they need to be in control even if their efforts are not effective enough for positive change. Others would speculate they refuse to include all people who are effected by youth gangs and gun-violence. Others are convinced that even some are really not committed the way they need to, they are unaware of the demands to combat this huge problem. Where’s their sense of urgency? It appears some leaders we met with, who speaks out against youth gangs and gun-violence, are actually all talk but no real action and they should not be taken seriously. Who knows? One thing we know for sure, they clearly don’t understand that unless they place economic self sufficiency first in order to ensure their organization is solvent now and in the future and they continue to look for outside sources to fully fund their cause instead of establishing and maintaining a self sustainable funding model, they will continue to spin their wheels and their well meant efforts will be in vain. Yes. 2018 looks very promising for the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative and it is now poised and positioned to become the greatest year yet!