Can you spot who, in the pictures below, made racist comments towards us or have taken unauthorized pictures or videos of us?  They all have. Here’s a few examples of what we heard over the years:  Black history is in the month of February!  I’m not going to get sucked into this!  Don’t you realize it is not February yet?  Ugh!  You guys are everywhere now!  I only give to the humane society. You have a black president now so what are you guys complaining about now?” “Give me your website and I will donate” and they do not honour their promise.  If these people understood the history, they wouldn’t behave this way. If those who accuse us as associated with Black men who offers one edition of their version of Black History, paid attention, they would realize we have several items plus a 40 edition catalogue. If anyone doesn’t approve of anyone selling Black History material to the public, sign the online petition to have Black history education taught in all schools which eliminate anyone from continue selling Black History to virtually anyone. Now, the first recorded black person was brought into Canada by the European slave masters in the 1600’s.  Since then, blacks contributed significantly towards the building of Canada but for some reason it is not taught in all schools.  If there was mandatory Black history taught, on a federal level, in all schools equally with Aboriginal and European history, blacks wouldn’t be treated as second class citizens.  Far too many young affluent blacks wouldn’t have clear identity issues, would be proud and support their community and others would give blacks the proper respect for the mountain of contributions they are not widely known for when it relates to the building of Canada.  Is Africentic schools a bad idea if Canada continues to show the ultimate disrespect by not teaching Black history, the truth of Aboriginal history and history from others who came to this country, in all schools?  We are a melting pot of cultures.  Why aren’t we teaching everything about Canadian history? Why isn’t the truth being taught?  Where’s the equality for all mankind?

We have spent several years mainly in the Toronto downtown area, at different events and in the financial district observing and communicating with people from all walks of life for the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative.  It has been a real eye opener.  Could you spot a racist by just looking at him or her?  No.  They are among us. Beware!  Choose your friends, from all walks of life, including blacks, very carefully.  Interracial relationships produces some of the most beautiful people (Black and White, Asian and White, etc.) in the world, notice that very few people from Asia and India cross this line, but what if the non black person chooses not to support local black based causes?  These people are who we call “passive racists”.  They are very capable to help repair the damaged black community, whether it is donating money, volunteering, mentoring, etc., but rather watches the decline, do nothing and yet enjoy the company of a black person.  We teach our children to stop bullying immediately when it happens so why doesn’t the same rules apply to the plight of the black community with adults?  Most black women are preyed on by white men, their desire has not changed since the days of slavery, but also some black women prey on white men for their money, status and influence not realizing that in the end, society treats them as black second class citizens.  We have seen how white men boldly disrespect their black women, without even realizing it,  when it relates to supporting the black community.  Black women are the most desired women in the world and must demand a high standard for a non black to engage in any relationship with them.  I’m a black woman/man who is proud of my culture.  If you want to be with me, then you must first help repair my black community”  No exceptions!  Just like the Asians say after their injustices in the past, Never again.  And the Jews, the holocaust lasted for approximately six years.  Their reaction?  Never forget.  It’s interesting that Asians and Jews very rarely engage with interracial relationships.  And the blacks, slavery lasted for over 400 years.  So should the blacks ever forget?  If we do, it can very well happen again.  Wait a minute, we are still being victimized.  Maybe we forgot.  Have we even learned a lesson?  We are notorious for mixing with everyone.  Maybe we were placed on this earth to be taken advantage of at will.  It sure appears that way.  How can we be taken seriously?  Ever notice on Maury Povich, Jerry Springer and other related shows that blacks and most what people refer to as “white trash” is the circus entertainment?  Maury Povich’s wife is Asian.  Do you ever see an Asian, Indian or Jew on those shows? The Asians and Jews won’t have it.  You say we are way out on left field? There are numerous examples of injustices we can point out to that is happening as we speak.  Consider this; A growing number of unsuspecting black women and men are discovering that these type of white people are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing, realize that they made perhaps the biggest mistake of their life and then severed their phony relationships with them.  If you are a white person who reads this webpage, keep in mind that there are white people who are soul mates for blacks and respects the black community that they are from. If you are not doing what you can to help the repair the image of black community, you most likely will find any black person who knows their history and is proud of their roots will abruptly have nothing to do with you which includes divorce after they discover who you really are.  No one enjoys being used, disrespected and even worst, deceived into thinking that they are in a relationship with a good person when they are not.  You don’t agree with us? Well how do you explain that Bono from U2, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Paul Walker, Mike Holmes and several others who are not married to blacks, may have friends who are black and it is well known that they are engaging in causes to help blacks, pumping in millions of dollars abroad and are actively recruiting others in their circles to join them?  And what about people who lives in remote areas, like up in northern Ontario, where there are little or no blacks living there but yet these white people are buying different editions of Learning about Publications every month in order to collect our whole catalog?  Bottom line you and everyone can do their little part to help repair the unearned negative image of the local black community.  Everyone should look up a local Black cause or ask their so-called Black friends.  You are expected to do much more because you are in a relationship with a black person so you shold be aware of the plight and be more sensitive than the average non black person. You claim you love them but you are doing nothing proactively to help repair the image of the community they are from?Maybe you will have a change of heart with another local Black based cause. People do change. Or after your encounter with our organization, you’ll write off all other local Black based causes because this is what white supremacist minded people do. Too much of a hassle to do what you must? Then stick with your own kind. Period.  We were told that only whites can watch someone suffer and do nothing about it.  May be a little harsh statement but if you are not doing anything to help repair the black community, those sources are talking about you, a “passive racist”. You are in company of passive racists, but fortunately that is a dying breed.  A breed people who befriends blacks in order to fool people into thinking they are not racists but behaves differently when their token black friend is not in their company.  Can you blame us to be suspicious of all who we encounter in the field? We hear the lame excuses and we also witness the growing number of people who are eagerly stepping up to support our initiative every month.  So who can we trust?  Who from a few can you trust?  We were violated in the past and in several ways, and it still happens but it is very subtly.

Blacks to this day are racist against other blacks because of Willie Lynch. He should be commended for his speech that he preached as it had such a negative impact to this day.  Even he probably didn’t think in his wildest dreams it would last well after slavery was abolished!


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