Thanks Freedom Five



When polled it was concluded that a growing number of university and college graduates, who are lucky enough to find a job, were not landing the careers that they were educated for which has resulted in them settling for low paying jobs just to survive. Their original plan was that their intended career would pay enough money to pay off their student loan quickly or with minimal interest charges however, with a growing number of baby boomers staying at their careers longer than ever before, the pool of careers has been reduced significantly. Based on these facts, N.O.D. had predicted accurately that it will take 40 or more years of employment to consider a modest retirement or enjoy financial freedom. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve financial freedom young enough to enjoy it. A growing number of people will work due to necessity and not by choice for the rest of their lives! Are you 35 years of age or younger who feels trapped within this reality? The poll also revealed a very strong indication that “the next generation” are actively looking for new ways to achieve financial freedom under the age of 40 in order to enjoy all what life has to offer. N.O.D. discovered that the next generation is open to trying alternatives outside of the mainstream if there is even a small chance to attain financial freedom while they are still young. N.O.D. represents the future and N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan was designed only for people 35 years of age or younger who refuses to grow old before enjoying life to the fullest.Do you want to be one of the next generation who will shout “My Job, goodbye! Thanks Freedom Five” within the next five years from now? Before you make a commitment, let’s look at N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan guarantees built on a rock solid multi layer foundation:

Affordable monthly commitment – $50.00 US is all you need to meet the minimum requirements to join N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan.

Not market based – In order for N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan to perform the way it was designed, N.O.D. clients do not invest in any form of market based investments, ever. You will be buying $50.00 US units of N.O.D.’s negotiation service at wholesale for your future financial benefit based on the questionnaire you completed and the leftover units will be bought by “casual clients” at retail. N.O.D. controls every aspect right down to the final outcome guaranteeing your financial success.

Yields the highest returns – When you use N.O.D.’s negotiation service, you will realize a minimum 900% net profit. And when retail purchases of units are made by casual clients, you will realize a minimum 100% net profit. You can take these profits and buy more units at wholesale in order to shorten the five year time frame for N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan to produce the results.

No losses, ever – Almost everyone invests in the markets to build wealth for the future but N.O.D. had concluded a long time ago that this way is conventional and always will be unstable. N.O.D.’s one of its kind wealth building Freedom Five plan, when followed, was designed to be and is 100% stable. All you have do is follow N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan and your financial future will be 100% secure.

Ongoing income – Earnings of $100,000 US annually over 12 months will be paid to you for the next ten years starting on your five year anniversary as long as you are still actively involved in N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan.



Using N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan to realize your financial success can be summarized into three easy steps; Join, Use and Share (J.U.S). There is nothing like this in the whole world. All your submitted information to the N.O.D. will be handled with the strictest confidentiality. But before you begin, take a moment to learn the three steps that the N.O.D. uses to provide the negotiation service by clicking here. Please complete N.O.D.’s Freedom Five plan questionnaire and one of N.O.D.’s associates will call you to discuss how to get started.