The N.O.D. experience

Meet some of N.O.D.’s clients as they introduce and then guide you on how to use N.O.D.’s 100% safe and guaranteed financial building and management system. Vote for your favorite N.O.D. success story below so that the one who receives the most votes wins the minimum $1,000.00 cash prize of the month! E-mail N.O.D. the U.R.L. for your video, for example on YouTube, and then get your friends and others to vote for your success story to compete to have a chance to win!




Rules for contestants:

– You must be residing in Canada or in the U.S.A.

– You must e-mail: inquiries[at] N.O.D., your first and last name, telephone number and U.R.L., for example YouTube, your video 1 minute or less video explaining your experience with N.O.D. including “N.O.D.’s three steps to prosperity” and why you think you should win.  Once N.O.D. verify that you are a N.O.D. client, your video should be posted on this webpage below within 48 hours of submission as long as it meets all the requirements.

– You must enter contest in the same month that you used N.O.D. negotiation service.

– You can only enter once per year and only once per the use of N.O.D’s negotiation service.

– You must have a minimum of 1,000 votes from 1,000 different people.  This can be done by e-mailing your friends, using Facebook or face to face and asking them to ask their friend to help you out by voting for you.

Rules for voters:

– You can only vote once per contest.  For example, in the month of June you vote once and July you can vote again only once.

– In order to verify that each voter is valid only Facebook users with their unique Facebook accounts can vote.

– Each Facebook user must like our website by clicking here.

E-mail N.O.D. your first and last name, Facebook profile link, who by the number under the video you are voting for and confirm that you liked the N.O.D. website.  Once everything is confirmed, your vote will be added below the contestant video within 48 hours.



For every 100 contestants entered in any given month, $1,000.00 more is added to prize for the month!