A Taste of Paradise Restaurant

When you think of paradise, what comes to mind?  Every time you visit A Taste of Paradise restaurant, allow yourself to be seated by our Nubian beauties, then we want you to take a moment to close your eyes, take a slow deep breath. And then slowly exhale. You are at the highest level of relaxation. You feel at peace. The strong and positive energy slowly  takes over you. Now, listen to the music. The ambiance soothes your soul.  Smell the aromas coming from the kitchen. Master chefs and personnel are carefully  preparing with pinpoint precision the next segment of your paradise experience. And before you know it, you are dining on A Taste of Paradise mouth watering cuisine. Your taste buds are tantalized, begging for more. Your palate reaches climax. The whole experience takes over you. You can’t help but become emotional. You are at a loss for words. You promise yourself you will be back, soon and often.

Join us in the celebration of your ultimate dining experience that you will never forget. Because you have not lived life until you dined at A Taste of Paradise restaurant. Our Nubians awaits your arrival.



Our signature dish will be:

– Jerk chicken

– Rice and peas

– Coleslaw

– Plantain

– Sorrel

We will be serving:

– Lunch.

– Dinner.

– And possibly breakfast in the future.

Our complete menu is coming soon!

Additional information:

– Live entertainment.

– Catering service.

– Franchise opportunities.

– Gift certificates.

– Loyalty program.

– Take out.

– Food truck(s).

– Private parties.

– V.I.P. area.

– Memberships.

– Calendars.

– Merchandise.

– A growing clothing line.

– Vacation and timeshare packages “Fine dining and happy travels”.

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