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Rip-Off Protection

Chances are you have been ripped off in your lifetime, or you know someone who has. For instance, it has been weeks since you gave a contractor money for a job, and every day you have an increasingly sinking feeling that you got ripped off. Whether he or she is failing to show up, or simply doing a poor job, it is not a good situation for one to be in. You thought they were going to get work done on your property, but in the end you lost your deposit and all other money that was paid up front. In most cases there is not much that you can do because you were ripped off, and if they are cash jobs there is no way to trace your losses. Now you have to pay for a new contractor to come in and complete the work, or even worse, fix what was done so far. This nightmare can be avoided with Rip-Off Protection from N.O.D. A new, affordable and 100% fail proof service designed to protect you from your losses with dishonest contractors, a person or almost any company. You are better off not allowing this story to happen to you by getting protected right now. When N.O.D. asked its clients what would be the perfect protection program when it comes to untrustworthy contractors who miss completion deadlines, do poor work, and/or routinely walk off incomplete jobs with the customer’s money, N.O.D. clients spoke and N.O.D. delivered! Rip-Off Protection provides you 100% protection if your contractor takes your money and then it turns out that he is taking more time than what was agreed, within a reasonable time frame, or fails to complete the work that was promised. Since the launch of Rip-Off Protection, we have had a growing number of people tell us stories of getting ripped off, and have asked N.O.D. to help recover lost money, resolve disputes, negotiate win/win situations and put solutions and practises in place to help ensure the contractor, person or almost any company will not do it again. So far, N.O.D. has been very successful and there is no way you can lose by letting N.O.D. go to work for you. Rip- Off Protection has been a smash hit right from the beginning.

 Now Rip-Off Protection will cover you for more than just crooked contractors! Get coverage for as little as $25.00 CDN before you make any verbal commitments, sign anything or pay a contractor or company to complete work for you or sell you a major product or service. What you can do, so that N.O.D. will cover you, is get, in advance, written estimates and quotes. N.O.D. provides Rip-Off Protection for rug cleaning, duct cleaning, landscaping, pool cleaning, roofing, paving, renovation companies, repairs, and pretty much any other service or job imaginable. If you are unsure if it is covered, just contact your N.O.D. representative and you will get your answer. If you have Rip-Off Protection, and a contractor or company “rips you off,” N.O.D. will cover 100% of your loss. If you make no claims, you can use what you have paid towards N.O.D.’s negotiation services. There is no way that you can lose because sooner or later you will have a need to save big money on your next major purchase! This is what they call “a slam dunk!” It is the best and only type of coverage out there so e-mail N.O.D. at: inquiries[at] and write in the subject line “Rip Off protection” so that a N.O.D. team member can give you a quote.

Fees can change without advance warning. Applicable taxes are extra.