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Success Stories

I am skeptical when it comes to Internet companies, but this company quickly followed through with no problems.  After my brother-in-law, who is with the company, told me about this I thought well if he is with the company then I stand a good chance on not losing out.  And besides, he kept telling me to pay months in advance to join N.O.D. so that I could be part of their Volume Discount Group.  I listened and saved $79.33 per month on my one-year lease for my apartment, which allowed to me to afford the car I really wanted, and this company also negotiated a great deal for my car too.  Thanks N.O.D. and now I am a believer!

Kerry R.

All I have to say is why didn’t this company come around sooner?!

John V.

A friend told me about N.O.D. so I tried it out after he assured me that I would save money. I first secured the best deal that I could on the car I wanted and then turned it over to the N.O.D. team.  I was surprised to realize a $1,273.53 savings over the price I managed to get. Wow!  I would have never known until I tried!

Gerry F.

A contractor took me for $12,000 before so I was open to any idea to protect myself from losing my deposit the next time to contractors who just take my money and run. The N.O.D. team made sure that I got the job done the first time, on time, properly, with a “pre-screened” contractor, and at an excellent price.

Sandra H.

Me and my boys gave this a shot and yo this is really sick! It’s crazy! I saved $1,883.91 on my car. They saved between $800 to $1,600. I made some money from referring my friend to this company and now I am making mad cash by telling everyone at school! My friends just started and now they are making money too. We are feeling this company. Thanks!

Dwayne L.

Great support, excellence in customer service, the N.O.D. representative worked well within my budget and took great care and concern with the details.  Very impressive, professional negotiating skills, it was worth every penny.

Brenda H.