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1) The Company

1)The Company

Negotiate on Demand, also known as “N.O.D.”, is an internet based, privately controlled Canadian company. Located in Toronto’s financial district, N.O.D. currently operates in Canada and the United States of America offering global economic stimulus solutions, negotiations and other related financial services and solutions to the consumer and business market, saving clients much more money than they ever could by themselves. N.O.D. plans to eventually expand globally. N.O.D. was founded in 2008 after a group of people discovered that unethical contractors, who were doing their home improvements, repairs, and/or renovations, had taken advantage of them all. These victims, who are N.O.D.’s founding members, made a pact, that they were going to do all that they could to make sure what they had experienced in the past did not happen to others in the future. The goal is to put unethical contractors, who miss completion deadlines, do poor work, and/or routinely walk off incomplete jobs with the customers’ deposits or all of their money, out of business.

As for the rest of the companies, N.O.D. intends to encourage charging fair prices/costs/rates and operate ethically at all times. These goals may sound almost impossible, but if N.O.D. can help improve the way that some businesses conducts themselves, it will be all worth it. What the founding members discovered was that customers were generally not skilled negotiators, and as a result virtually every time grossly over paid when they made a major purchase or hired a contractor to do work. The people at N.O.D. started out by recruiting some of the best negotiators in the industry to represent their growing number of clients, known as the “Volume Discount Group” (V.D.G.). This was done to make sure that N.O.D.’s clients would get fair prices/costs/rates not only with contractors, but also with other companies for any major purchase. The rule of thumb is “win/win” negotiations. As more clients join N.O.D., armed with growing bargaining power, the prices/costs/rates on the major purchases and contracted work will continue to decrease. When you take advantage of volume group discounting, how can you lose? Virtually everyone in the world can benefit greatly when they use N.O.D.’s negotiation services. N.O.D. has created the perfect balance between the buyer and the pre-screened seller or contractor so that both parties win.