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Learn to Negotiate

At N.O.D. we offer a jam-packed five-day course for those who want to learn the art of negotiation. Whether it is for their own benefit, to help others to save big money on major purchases, get bigger raises and promotions at their career, or communicate with their family and/or friends more effectively, this program will give you all the skills you need to succeed. You will quickly discover that what you learn can be used to your advantage in many aspects in your life. Used correctly, the costs for this course can be recouped almost immediately.

This highly valuable course, for those who want to achieve a greatly improved lifestyle experience, will cover:

1) How to identify when the other party is open to negotiate.
2) How to identify different types of negotiation tactics.
3) What questions to ask before you enter into a negotiation.
4) Which negotiation technique you should use in order to counter a negotiation tactic.
5) Know when and who not to negotiate with.
6) That nice people are extremely effective negotiators.

Each student will receive a course manual, which contains case studies, role-playing exercises, and a final exam. In addition, top graduates could be offered employment with the N.O.D. team that could pay over $100,000.00 US/CDN per year. All this, and much more, can be learned from one of our international master negotiators in a high-energy environment. The cost per student to take this course, is based on which modules that are chosen. Financing options are available. Register now and save from unexpected tuition cost increases. E-mail N.O.D. at: inquiries[at] to arrange for payment and to register.

Cost for courses can change without advance warning.  Applicable taxes are extra.