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So how did we get to this point in the history of the world? Watch this video and then the understanding, respect and appreciation will begin and then you will start to care and share.

“One of the ways we communicate that we can be trusted is in the way we care for other people.”

Zig Ziglar


“How can we begin trust you if you do not continue to show that you care?”

Death threat to Canadian black students who were getting taught about black history in a Windsor school. Watch at 4:00 and if you can spare 20 minutes, watch the whole video Being Black in Canada 2015”. Originally aired on February 8, 2015 on CBC.


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Why  is 2016 for Black history month so special? Click here!

Learning about the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative

Read here about recent and past gang related violence in Canada.

“Silence the violence and shun the guns” is a Toronto based, anti-violence initiative to save primarily at-risk youth from all walks of life from turning to gangs for the love, acceptance and family that they feel they lack. In other words, we plan to recruit all at-risk youth into mentorship before they get recruited into gangs therefore, methodically reducing the gang population. Our anti-violence initiative was designed to target 10 year olds in North America. By identifying and reaching out to these at-risk youth, who responds to our appeal efforts, we plan to execute our solution by pairing them with mentors in the same careers they want to pursue and encourage adequate education in order to secure excellent careers. By purchasing every month one or several of the 40+ editions from our growing catalogue and related products, you are supporting a winnable cause which will become self-sustained because we will be encouraging those who were mentored into careers to go back into the communities they came from and recruit future generations.  In addition, we believe by dispelling the negative image of people of colour, primarily Black males, in our publication must be the starting point in order to inspire everyone, especially our future generations, for positive action.  Why these mountains of facts about people of colour who has contributed to the building of Canada and abroad, is not receiving the proper acknowledgments and respect they deserve and it is not taught, Black history and anyone other than European and false Aboriginal history, in the schools at a federal level is disturbing. Society promotes Black males who excels in sports and/or  most of them are involved in crime and/or violence.  This is simply not true.  We intend to uncover the facts, publish it and celebrate the good news for everyone’s best interests.  We actually have a plan to solve this problem oppose to most causes which just accommodates the problem and ask for more financial support.

Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns is a for-profit organization which is a N.G.O. and is not a charity meaning that if a branding executive accepts your money and you do not receive a copy of our monthly publication(s) in return, your should notify us immediately so we can have it addressed immediately.  Part of your money will be allocated to the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative.  Please provide as much details of the transaction(s) as possible Example: Time, location, description of person, etc.. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

A requested receipt will be promptly issued by e-mail to the supporter who must first provide to our representative their business card and/or provide their first and last name and their e-mail address on the same day of the purchase of our product(s).

How the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative will be executed

The battle to reduce gangs and violence is not easy because if it was, this problem would not have grown to the epic level it is at now. We are undeterred, even when racists, who we see at mainly the sports events and sometimes on the street, make inappropriate comments and harass us instead of stopping for a moment to discover that gangs and violence effects everyone, because we believe the battle is winnable as long as the right strategy is executed. Please keep in mind that we will be travelling in uncharted territories to win but the end result will be certainly better than anyone or organization has done before. There are several organizations that has and are trying to slow and reduce the number of gangs and its members and violence with primarily at-risk youth with no significant success. Currently there are over 30,000 gang members in Canada and 1.4 million gang members in the U.S. and unfortunately these numbers are growing.  Collectively they are losing this winnable battle so we need to redirect all our resources and efforts and take a different approach. Here’s how we envision how we can make a verifiable impact, efficiently and effectively:

-> 1)  Create andbuild the brand – Dispel the negative stereotypes society promotes concerning people of colour, particularly young Black males, by highlighting people of colour who have done and are doing positive things in their lives by producing a monthly publication called “LEARNING ABOUT PUBLICATIONS” (LAP). Spread awareness and sell the growing catalogue of monthly editions mainly at Toronto’s major sports events, nearby subway entrances, major entertainment performances, inside government buildings and its properties, upscale areas and events and the financial district.  Why are we having a growing support of people?  Our mere presence, of mainly young Black males, who are always professionally dressed in business attire, enthusiastic, articulate, quick speaking presenters and the design of the editions has had wide approval.  Inside every edition, it is understood that gangs and violence effects everyone and we can reduce it only if we take the right steps to promote and encourage education and provide adequate support for the wide range of economic opportunities so that at-risk youth can seize them before they get lured into  gangs.  Bottom line, gangs are mainly an economic opportunity problem and for those who it effects are not aware that they could have the same chance to succeed in life just like others who does not have the odds stacked against them.  We are constantly fine tuning, updating our future editions and related material.  Although we have not stated it, in the field we are promoting young minorities in a positive light which explains the professional business attire requirement for our representatives.  Known as the premiere organization in our field, front line representatives for the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative are carefully selected and receive ongoing training and support. So far the response has been an eye opener with some of the most unlikely supporters stepping up which includes current and former adult gang members.  We are very interested and are eager to partner with any other organization which shares the same goals and objectives to address these problems we are faced with.  If you would like to apply to become a volunteer for our initiative, please click here.

STVASTG volunteer frontSTVASTG volunteer back


Volunteer and you will receive one of these T-shirts!

STVASTG volunteer T-shirt frontSTVASTG volunteer T-shirt back

Anti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt frontAnti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt back

2) Recruit career mentors – With the ongoing relationship with N.O.D.’s growing clientele, economic stimulus advisors are trained to identify and suggest to clients to become career mentors.  In addition, N.O.D. is always looking for people who meets its mentorship profile standards and are prepared to commit to becoming a career mentor.  If you would like to apply to become a mentor for our initiative, please click here.

3) Change the structure of business –  The form of business will be adjusted to operate as a registered non-profit organization.

4)Corporate sponsorship – Approach corporations for sponsorship commitments by placing their logo on the back of all editions. Our hope is at this stage the corporations has seen our representatives in the areas where we sell the monthly publication or had purchased at least one of our editions, recognizes the brand and has some basic knowledge about what our initiative is which should increase the chances to partner with us.

5) Offer career mentorship opportunities – Send out groups of representatives to all schools in North America, starting in Toronto, Canada and then the U.S., targeting 10 year olds, offering career mentorship opportunities primarily to at-risk youth. Mathematics tells us that the less potential gang members who are available to recruit, over time the numbers will naturally decrease by methodically executing our initiative and best of all, not a single bullet would have been fired.

6) Self-sustainment – With our encouragement, those who was mentored into careers will return to the communities that they came from and recruit future generations of at-risk youth. At this point, our involvement will continue to slowly decrease as the initiative will become progressively self-sustained.

7)Macro-management– Gauge the results, continue to build and make adjustments as needed.

8) Eliminate racism – Fight for Black and the truth about Aboriginal history to be taught in all schools.  Sign the online petition here.  Take it to the next level by teaching history, not “his story”  from the inception of Canada to the present which covers anyone from any country who has contributed to the building of this country with the “Action for equality” initiative. “Equal rights and justice for all.” #ActionForEquality2015 #OurHistoryExposed2015

Question: What stage are we at?

Answer: Currently we are at number one with the projection of moving on to number two at the current rate is a few years. Practically all of our small, but slowly growing, number of representatives and volunteers are part-timers. Keep supporting us monthly and visit our webpage regularly to see our progress. We thank our past and ongoing supporters thus far.


Get FOR FREE a beautiful, glossy and full colour 12 page edition every month by collecting a minimum of only five orders for LAP every month! Become part of history by supporting LAP! Click here to view and/or print a copy of the form.

To go the Learning about Canadian Heroes webpage, click here. Maybe you’ve seen this monthly publication being distributing ALL over downtown Toronto!


Through this monthly 12 page publication, since August 2010, Negotiate on Demand (N.O.D.) has participated in dispersing little-known historical facts about Blacks all over the city!  This publication has been making waves all around the globe; visitors to Toronto from all over have been interested in and are requesting the publication – and when the public speaks, the public gets!  The main purpose to produce this publication is to dispel some of the negative stereotypes media portrays by highlighting people of colour who has done positive things in their life. Violence against women, it is a fact that most gang members physically abuse their female partners and this must stop.  Our hope is to inspire everyone for positive action, especially our youth.  In addition, to support the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns anti-violence initiative in order to save all at-risk youth from turning to gangs.  Pick up the latest edition either at professional sports events, major performances, high traffic areas on the street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, across North America for anything over $20.00 in cash or by credit card with PayPal or through this N.O.D. webpage.

Although purchases are based strictly at the supporter’s discretion, LAP places supporters into five categories based on the purchase. Here’s how we conclude what your purchase may tell to us:

– $25.00 for one edition – You are curious and want to learn more.

– $50.00 for two editions – You are pleasantly surprised and very impressed.

– $150.00 for six editions – You always have been and will be a proud Learning about Publication supporter.

– $300.00 for twelve editions – You want to make an impact and get all editions for the past year.

– $600.00 or more for twenty-four editions or more – You feel it is absolutely necessary that Learning about Publication education is offered to everyone.

Your free will purchase(s) are mainly used for the overall management of the monthly publication, employing historians, educators, specialists, researchers, the cost of manufacturing the publication, distribution and to insure that you and others have easy and accurate access to motivating and inspiring content every month from LAP. In July 2011, LAP announced an anti-violence initiative where part of your money will be allocated to the “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns” initiative. For complete details on how we plan to address anti-violence and to keep up to date on our ongoing efforts, follow us on this webpage or our Facebook page. On this webpage, you can buy and receive this monthly publication and back editions shipped to you anywhere in the world. LAP even offers a monthly subscription for the intent seekers!

Loaded in every publication, you can find out abundance of information about Black Heroes (originally known as Learning about Black History) and facts that have not been widely told. You will be surprised to learn about facts that you never dreamed of, making you anxious to get the next publication the following month immediately. From ancient Black royalty, to those who were went down in history for being responsible for one of the seven wonders of the world, to slavery, to the past and modern day heroes from all races, the LAP publication has and will continue to be in huge demand for many years to come simply because there is little known compared to the volume of information that has recently come to light.

Moving forward…..If you want to join us on the anti-violence initiative to save at-risk youth from turning to gangs for love, acceptance and family, which all youth needs, immediate action is required. WE NEED YOUR MONTHLY SUPPORT TO IDENTIFY AND NURTURE TALENTED AT-RISK YOUTH SO THEY CAN GO ON TO DO GREAT THINGS. LAP’s “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns” anti-violence initiative will make a positive impact for generations to come. And keep in mind unlike most non-profit organizations, that provides little to no verifiable progressive results to its supporters, LAP is an extremely accountable N.G.O. which will hold a meeting every six months to share with its supporters the progresses and successes that was projected. Make a monthly commitment of $20.00 or more so when you see a LAP rep, give him or her your money to buy a copy of one of the several monthly editions or simply buy online. Here’s your chance to change a generation, make history with LAP and ultimately change the world for the better, forever. For upcoming meeting dates and details, e-mail us at: inquiries[at] , subject line “saving at-risk youth”.

Don’t ever mistake LAP for others. Just check the back of the publication and look for the exclusive sponsor, N.O.D..

Now we at N.O.D. would like to take this opportunity to correct those who may mistake N.O.D. to be associated with other men who have been distributing for many years their version of a Black History publication in Toronto. There are at least three other organizations in Toronto that we are aware of. When we discovered that the topic of Black History is so widely popular, we teamed up in August 2010 with “Learning about publications”, which is a for-profit organization, and created our own monthly version complete with Facebook and Twitter networks, a webpage to buy copies online and a toll free number to order by phone. In addition, we recently started to offer LAP in full colour for our generous supporters. The strategy was to target a defined group of people and so far it has worked! In addition, there is no religious content or information in the attempts to recruit you in our LAP publication, just an almost unlimited amount of undiscovered or little-known and verified content of interest every month with our ad on the back cover. If you ever buy a publication from other organizations, we are confident that you will conclude that our version is different.  We are not associated with any of these organizations in any way. We operate independently.  So now that you know, you can easily differentiate their version versus our version by simply looking for the points noted above.



It has been approximately six years since LAP was launched. Since day one, there has been a growing number of supporters from around the world who are excited about LAP’s vision for positive change. LAP thanks each and every one of you. LAP promises its supporters a high level of urgency to produce verifiable results of our efforts. We are still building and here are some of the things we’ve done and are doing. :

– June 2011, LAP opens office at the Toronto Stock Exchange complex.

– July 2011, LAP switches to an expensive photo quality printing format for the monthly publication.

– July 2011, LAP produces full colour copies on glossy paper for generous supporters.

– July 2011, LAP announces an initiative called “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns” for the purpose of identifying, saving and mentoring at-risk youth who do not have a father in their life or are living in dysfunctional families. Statistics show a high number of these youth end up in prison. LAP believes that most of these realities can be completely avoided and will be by executing LAP’s “LETS COME” together initiative.

– August 2011, LAP announces credit card payments are accepted on the downtown Toronto streets by LAP reps. Accepting debit card payments will follow.

– August 2011, LAP adds bar codes on the monthly publication so those who has a smartphone with a scanner can scan the bar codes and get directed to a webpage.

– August 2011, N.O.D. negotiates a lower publishing rate that allows LAP to offer supporters to collect only five orders of the monthly publication and receive one full color glossy copy for free.

– September 2011, LAP announces that anyone who supporters $100.00 or more, will receive negotiation services for their monthly expenses from N.O.D.. The guaranteed minimum monthly saving is $10.00 and over the next 12 months adds up to $120.00 resulting in a minimum $20.00 profit for the supporter!

– December 2011, Project marble arrest nets 60 gang members ranging in ages from 14 to 26. If these youth were mentored by the right people, do you think they would be part of this?  Click here to read the article.  In the US, there are over one million gang members and over 20,000 gangs. Click here to read this report.  In Canada there are over 30,000 gang members.

– January 2013, LAP announces a clothing line starting with t-shirts which reads “I SUPPORT THE SILENCE THE VIOLENCE AND SHUN THE GUNS.”

– July 2013, LAP completes its 30 edition in its catalogue and continues to add more! See all the listed editions below and visit us on Facebook to see all the front covers!

– August 1, 2013, We officially renamed our organization to “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns”. This name is unique, memorable, easy to remember and appropriately explains who we are. Brilliant!

– December 30, 2013, Over the past year, LAP increases its edition in its catalogue to 34 and counting.  Projected time to move to step two for the “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns” initiative at the current rate is a few years.

– February 2014, Partnered with the City of Toronto Employee United Way Campaign to sell our catalogue of editions in City and Metro hall.

– September 2014, Started setting up partnerships with other related causes.

– October 2014, Future editions now will be printed in gloss paper.

– December 5, 2014, Future editions now will be printed in gloss and full colour paper for $25.00 CDN each.

– January 7, 2015, The Inaugural Black History Month Annual Run for Freedom event will take place starting on Monday, February 2, 2015 and every Monday in the month of February.

– March 31, 2015, Offering “SILENCE THE VIOLENCE AND SHUN THE GUNS – NOD” silicone wrist bracelets for only $20.00 each. Buy here!

– September 1, 2015, A petition was started to build support to have black history taught in all schools in North America.  It’s time to teach all the history starting with the truth about Aboriginal history.  Why? To gain overdue acknowledgement, respect and human balance. Click here to sign our petition. #OurHistoryExposed2015 #ActionForBalance2015

– September 2, 2015, offering “SILENCE THE VIOLENCE AND SHUN THE GUNS” stickers for only $10.00 each. Buy here!

– January 1, 2016, offering “I RESPECT BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2016” stickers for only $10.00 each. Buy here!

– March 21, 2016, offering anti-“RACISM”  stickers for only $10.00 each. Buy here!

– May 1, 2016, planing is underway for the launch of the inaugural  “Caribana Parade Eve Business and Consumer Expo” on Friday, July 28, 2017. See here.

– May 21, 2016, the first Unsung Black Heroes calendar  went on sale. See here!

– June 1, 2016, there has been a concentrated effort this year on reaching out to local Black based causes and Blacks to unite our efforts on common goals and concerns while continuing working on their causes. But unfortunately, due to a widespread colonized mindset of Blacks, our efforts  will pose to be a much more of a challenge than originally projected. The idea that Blacks needs to volunteer for their own Black community is difficult for them to understand the tremendous value it provides just shows how deep rooted colonization is instilled in their minds. The majority of Blacks do not have any education on the basics of finance and the management of their money.  They do not understand the basics of finance, what Return On Investment (R.O.I.) or how to measure it based on where they allocated their money or who they provide their time and efforts to. But above all, also suffer from post traumatic slave disorder and in most cases undiagnosed and when they are shown that they have the symptoms, they become very defensive, aggressive and combative. We have a lot of work to do. We are undeterred and our efforts continues.

– June 6, 2016, offering “ANTI-VIOLENCE  AGAINST FEMALES”  stickers for only $10.00 each. Read here. Buy here!

– June 17, 2016, spot our representatives wearing volunteer SILENCE THE VIOLENCE AND SHUN THE GUNS INITIATIVE t-shirts.

– June 19, 2016, offering “GAY PRIDE RIMATA” stickers for only $10.00 each. Buy here!

– June 20, 2016, offering “I SUPPORT SILENCE THE VIOLENCE AND SHUN THE GUNS”, buy here and “I SUPPORT anti-violence against females” t-shirts Read here. Buy here!

– June 30, 2016, our reps can accept wireless credit and debit card payments, anywhere.

– August 12, 2016, Donald J. Trump, who once was widely regarded as the epitome of success, class and style. Since his outrageous, outlandish, sexist and bigoted comments towards US president Barack Obama, political figures, minorities and anyone who challenges him, Donald Trump’s narcissistic personality has revealed to the world that he’s nothing but a smoke and mirror business illusionist who has been accused by many as nothing but a con and rip off artist. Now he is trying to use his unethical tactics to become the next president for the United States of America. Although we are not Americans, we can voice our disapproval for Donald Trump’s bid to become the 45th US president of the United States by purchasing and wearing a DUMP TRUMP sticker for only $10.00 each. Buy here! November 8, 2016 – Now that Donald Trump has left many stunned by his election victory, we are hopeful with his statements concerning securing the boarder, bringing back jobs to the US, negotiation skills and rebuilding the inner cities will come to fruition.  All we can do is wait and see.

– September 21, 2016, offering Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns mugs (Buy here!), Anti-violence Against Females mugs. Read here. Buy here! and Anti-violence against LBGTQ mugs. Buy here!

– September 22, 2016, starting this coming Friday, we will be kicking off Anti-violence t-Shirt Fridays. Instead of wearing casual tops, buy and wear Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns T-shirts on Fridays to show your support for the numerous Blacks who have been murdered by law enforcement  officers.  We hasten to say that for the most part, we have an excellent relationship with law enforcement when we are in the field who have treated our personnel only with fairness, diplomacy and respect but unfortunately, just like all occupations, there are a few bad apples who have tarnished this well appreciated service which is to “serve and protect”.

– Coming soon!  The “Global Game Changers” subscription plan. See here!

Objectives:  Every month, produce a publication or related item that promotes positive people of colour role models in order to educate, inspire and motivate people to improve themselves and their community.

Goals:  With a portion of your purchase(s) we plan to:

– continue to publish a monthly publication in order to highlight people of colour who have achieved inspiring accomplishments.

– develop a magazine.

– counteract the media’s negative portrayal of minorities, especially young black males, by creating a T.V. and radio program that highlights the positive achievements of the past, present and future (up and the comers). Reduce racism by teaching black history education.

– urge for minimum mandatory black history education in schools on a federal level. The teaching of the truth concerning Aboriginal history is also essential. In North America, the population no longer consists of Aboriginals and Europeans rather in cities like Toronto, there are cultures from all over world. These cultures, who some have been living in North American for generations, have contributed to the history and in a perfect world should have all history taught in the schools. We have been a melting pot of cultures for years and the history of all should be taught in schools. The teaching of all related history will reduce racism and crime. How can you appreciate or respect people if you don’t know who they are?

– visit all schools in North America, starting in Ontario, to educate at-risk youth about Black Heroes and employing an appeal and career mentoring strategy.  Statistics show that over 80% of youth stay in school when they are mentored.  Black students will be our primary focus so that they can learn about positive role models with the hopes that they will self educate themselves by reading more in general and will want to model themselves after some of the great Black people that they learn about. Since July 2011, anti-violence initiative called “Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns” has been in development. Right now an alarming number of young Blacks, especially males, are modelling their lives after rap artists who have gone to jail and then the same fate has happened to our young Black males. We need to save our future race by educating them on who they should embrace as their role models so they can go on to become the next great history makers as inventors, chemists, engineers, astronauts, etc.. Based on facts that we have gathered, we have learned that the more educated a person is, they lower the chances that he or she will find themselves in jail, shot or dead. Prime minister Stephen Harper’s solution of building super jails will only destroy some of our most brilliant youth which has and is our young Black males. You were not the cause of the negative history that the Blacks endured but with your purchase(s), you can become part of the positive remedy for the future.

– expand Learning About Publications to the global marketplace.

YOU CAN MAKE YOUR ONLINE ONE-TIME OR ONGOING PURCHASES (WE NEED YOUR MONTHLY SUPPORT TO IDENTIFY AND NURTURE TALENTED AT-RISK YOUTH SO THEY CAN GO ON TO DO GREAT THINGS.) BELOW. NOW YOU CAN GET LAP IN FULL COLOUR! ANY $30.00 OR MORE SUPPORTER RECEIVES ONE IN FULL COLOUR UPON REQUEST! Then be sure to send us an e-mail immediately including your first and last name, your mailing address and e-mail address and we will ship you the latest edition of LAP right away!

Support LAP every month by purchasing at least one publication for $25.00 CDN each. Visit Facebook “Learning about Black Heroes” to like the webpage and view all the editions listed below:

1) African Aboriginals In the process of updating this edition.

2) Muhammad Ali

3) Ultimate Fighters

4) Martin Luther King Jr.

5) Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama

6) Whitney Houston

7) Powerful Women

8) Hockey

9) Basketball

10) Donna Summer

11) Baseball

12) Jackie Robinson

13) Elmo and Kevin Clash

14) Ballet

15) Opera

16) Soccer

17) Canada Day and Our Heroes

18) Football

19) Usain Bolt

20) Olympics

21) Black International Film Festival

22) Caribana History

23) Obama Re-elected

24) Mitt Romney

25) Canada’s Fallen Heroes

26) The 100th Grey Cup

27) The 100th Grey Cup Champions

28) Asian Heroes

29) Sports Heroes – The Toronto Blue Jays 2013

30) Nelson Mandela

31) Boxing Kings

32) Ludwig van Beethoven

33) Willie O’Ree

34) Malala Yousafzai

35) 12 Years a Slave

36) Maya Angelou

37) Robin Williams

38) Joan Rivers

39)  P.K. Subban

40) Canada’s Fallen Black Heroes

41) We the North – The Toronto Raptors 2014

42) Measha Brueggergosman

43) B.B. King

44) Miles Davis

45) Gay Heroes

46) Billie Holiday

47) Jimi Hendrix

48) Sports Heroes – The Toronto Blue Jays 2015

New editions coming soon!

49) The Ancient Black History Guide

50) Canada’s Aboriginals

51) Canada’s First Black Mayors

52) Malcolm X

53) Marcus Garvey

54) The U.S. Black History Guide

55) Oscar Peterson

56) Louis Armstrong

57) Canada’s Unsung Black Heroes

58) The Canadian Black History Guide

59) The African American Black History Guide

60) The African United Kingdom Black History Guide

61) Black Canadian Scientists

62) Black Canadian Inventors


The Unsung Black Heroes calendar

Unsung Black Heroes Calendar cover

Click here!


Useful tools 

Jamaicans believe in the rallying song one love but what if those who you are offering that one love isn’t giving it back?  Jamaicans are known to stress that they must be respected but if the ones you respect do not respect you? These deception artists are everywhere where they manipulate and exploit naive Blacks. Most Blacks do not have any idea of what the basics of finance. So while those deception artist friends claims they are your friend, they are refusing to contribute to “local Black based causes” and yet they expect that you give your money, volunteer your time and efforts for their causes.   Print a copy of this handout and give it to your non-Black friends to determine if your friends are really your friends or predators. Print here.

Are panhandlers are asking you for money because they are hungry?  Most of the panhandlers, who we encounter daily in the Toronto down town area, are white people. We pay taxes so that no one should go hungry. Simply give them this list of food sources. Don’t be surprised if you see the same person at the same spot at another time panhandling for what they really want which is most likely drugs and/or alcohol.


B.M.O.’s studies has shown that Canadians allocate on average $580.00 every year to causes of this nature and philanthropists on average $5,200.00 so if you believe in equality for everyone, please give generously every month or year because gangs and violence effects everyone and this is a winnable battle. Here’s why people buy regularly and generously to local based causes every month or year.







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We stand with the LBGTQ community and send our prayers and thoughts to those who are mourning the loss of those who lost their lives at the Pulse club massacre in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016. Now proudly offering “PRIDE ANTI-VIOLENCE”  t-shirts for only $25.00 each. Buy here!



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