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Monthly expense reduction


Big financial trouble could be just around the corner for you. You need to read this now by clicking here and then avoid it from happening to you before it’s too late!

Whether you are struggling to pay your bills or not, we can help you! For a small monthly membership fee, you can join the Volume Discount Group (V.D.G.) reduce your monthly personal and/or business expenses virtually instantly.  Now consider this: By yourself you pay the maximum amount for the services that you use.  For example; Cellular, landline phone, internet, cable, satellite, fitness facility, club, daycare, etc..  Join a group of people who pays for the same service, at N.O.D.’s V.D.G., and once there is enough consumers accumulated for example: ABC company, they become willing to provide group discounts.  Some of these discounts can happen immediately and others will take time once there is say 1,000, 10,000 or more consumers who are on board with N.O.D.’s V.D.G. so sometimes you will have to exercise some patience but you are making a much better choice than you had before on your own.  And we have a way to make sure in the meantime you can receive even more savings on your other expenditures than what you pay to be part of N.O.D.’s V.D.G..  More on that later.  Take into consideration N.O.D.’s Daily Deals, click here.  

The wildly successful internet coupon company Groupon has designed its business module this way expect the N.O.D.’s V.D.G. is not based on a time limit to get the group volume discount (V.D.G.)..  But we are not done.  As a V.D.G. member, every year you can use N.O.D.’s flagship negotiation service twice and N.O.D. will negotiate on your behalf any expenditure you plan to make that is over $1,000.00.  Each time you use N.O.D.’s negotiation service, you are guaranteed to save on each transaction a minimum of $500.00.  If you follow this easy, safe and secure system, do the math, you can not lose.  Over the year if you pay $210.00 to be a member of V.D.G. and then every year you use N.O.D.’s negotiation service just once, you will have a minimum of $290.00 in your hand and if you use it twice, you have a minimum of $790.00.  So as you can see, by N.O.D. renegotiating your bills and negotiating your expenditures over $1,000.00, you save big money.  You can not lose with N.O.D. if you simply enhance your spending strategy because it was designed that way.  Join now and take those huge new savings and build your wealth for your future in record time.  It’s time to get on the N.O.D.’s express highway to prosperity to shorten the time to financial freedom.

N.O.D. does not need access to your personal account information. All that is needed is for you to add the name of your N.O.D. representative for authorization to discuss your current plan or service and nothing more. By setting your restriction, you will insure that your personal information will not be accessed by a N.O.D. representative. And throughout the renegotiation process, N.O.D. may discover that you are getting over billed as this happens more often then what most people think. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year when you hire N.O.D.’s highly skilled negotiators who uses contacts and volume discounting advantages to renegotiate almost all your monthly expenses and that’s without compromising the current service that you are receiving. Most people do not realize that they are over paying for their expenses every month which adds up to hundreds and even thousands of lost dollars every year. Rent, mortgage, loans, credit cards, cellular phone contracts, landline phone, auto insurance, auto lease, internet, debts that are in collection agencies and the list goes on for the expenses that N.O.D. has renegotiated to save big money for their clients. You could then use those monthly savings to pay down your debt, go on a vacation or contribute to your wealth building strategy. Can you say to yourself that you are 100% certain that you are not getting over billed and/or paying the lowest rate possible for your monthly personal and/or business expenses? Hire N.O.D. to make sure that you are not. Your plan or service that you selected for your monthly expenses will not change, but the amount that you pay will be reduced to lowest amount possible. And as the saying goes, “Money saved is money earned”. It’s your money and you deserve to keep all of it.

NOTE: Your utilities expenses such as; gas, water, electricity, etc. do not apply.


You should expect nothing less than savings within the first year and then beyond that exceeds your one time fee.  If N.O.D.’s negotiators are unable to arrange within 90 days to save you more money within twelve months from the date that you paid your one time fee and your account is activated with N.O.D., N.O.D. will refund 100% of your membership fee to you and you keep any savings. Period.


Pay your enrolment fee of $30.00 US and your first month membership fee of $15.00 US plus an online administration fee of $5.00 US for a total of $50.00 US:
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Pay your monthly membership fee of $15.00 US, plus plus an online administration fee of $5.00 US for a total of $20.00 US, within 28 days from the last payment:
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Once you make your enrolment fee and membership payment and complete N.O.D.’s questionnaire by clicking here, an expense reduction specialist will contact you by phone so make sure you include your telephone number.  For the first four answers in the questionnaire, you will need to get back in touch with the person who directed you to this webpage.  If you have any questions or concerns or require information to “pay offline“, send an e-mail to inquiries[at] and in the subject line write: “Monthly expense reduction”.