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N.O.D. Described

Negotiate on Demand’s (N.O.D.) global economic stimulus solutions will increase your spending power virtually instantly. Think of N.O.D.’s core service as a group negotiation service.  But there’s much more!  Easy to use, quick, and 100% secure, you can make a major positive impact on your financial life right now! Having problems paying for your monthly bills due to job loss or a reduced income? N.O.D. can renegotiate most of your bills right now! Planning to buy a product or pay for a service over $1,000.00? Simply use N.O.D.’s flagship service. How? After you first negotiate the lowest price/cost/rate, N.O.D. will continue negotiations to drive down the final amount that you will pay! Freeing up hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a single transaction can be used to buy more, pay down your debt and/or contribute more to your investment portfolio for an earlier financial freedom goal than you have right now. N.O.D. has the solution for the world to address the global recession and even to enhance people’s lifestyle in good economic times. Avoid roads that lead to a dead end and get on the new highway to prosperity by first reducing your monthly expenses to increase your disposal income instantly by joining N.O.D.’s Volume Discount Group (V.D.G.) today! Just ask us how.   Once you have your monthly expenses under control, you are on your way to financial success.  Next step is to control everything you spend over $1,000,00.  N.O.D. had economic stimulus solutions in place well before the phrase “stimulus package” was even invented.  Unfortunately, virtually all government designed economic stimulus packages takes way to long to get to the economically distressed and does not cater to all instead, only the majority benefits and the minority, in the hundreds of millions, are left behind to a likely slow downward financial spiral ending in a painful death.

We are N.O.D..  An internet based, Canadian global economic stimulus solution and financial services company that is truly a leader which predicted changes in the economy in the past and then implemented superior financial solutions well in advance making sure that no one was left behind.  How? With N.O.D.’s global economic stimulus solutions in order to guarantee that you will achieve your financial goals and dreams and well ahead of the financial industry.  Let N.O.D. guide you to fully protect yourself from all recessions and guaranteed, no risk to financial independence in under five years.  Ask yourself, “What would I be doing every day if I had all the money that I needed to do what I pleased?”  Life is very short so it would be much more enjoyable when you achieve financial independence at your youngest age  and this is only possible with N.O.D.!  Where are you going to be in your life five years after reading this sentence?  To start, here’s your chance to take advantage of N.O.D.’s latest and possibly the greatest economic stimulus solution saving you a minimum guaranteed $500.00 as many times you need to by using N.O.D. to renegotiate each of your monthly expenses.  And then as long as the product or service is priced at $1,000.00 or more, N.O.D. can negotiate almost anything for you so if you are not sure, just ask how to use N.O.D.’s flagship service.  Clients have saved even thousands of dollars in a single transaction!

At your request, N.O.D. will renegotiate your current monthly personal and/or business expenses, click here, without compromising your current or future service, with N.O.D.’s highly skilled negotiators and volume discounting advantages once you are part of N.O.D.’s volume discount group (V.D.G.).  Virtually every time N.O.D. is able find at least one expense to renegotiate for the client to save him or her at least hundreds of dollars every year!  With the power of N.O.D., you always win!  Now with your expenses reduced to a fair rate allowing you to enjoy your new found disposal income, your next step is to secure the lowest price/cost/rate on all your future major purchases.  Are you about to pay for a product or service priced more than $1,000.00? Click here if you need more information before you retain N.O.D..


To get started instantly, just follow the three easy steps below and in most cases, negotiations can be completed within just a few hours and on the same business day:

N – Negotiate the lowest price/cost/rate possible for the product(s) or service(s) that you are planning to buy or pay for, and then get the agreed price/cost/rate quoted in writing with all the details from the seller(s).  NOTE: The minimum original price/cost/rate for the product(s) or service(s) that you are planning to buy or pay for must be $1,000.00 or more.

O – Open a N.O.D. negotiation account, after completing the questionnaire (The webpage link is located at the bottom of this webpage.), and then select from one of the many plans that suits you.  Then provide N.O.D. the written quote(s) from the seller(s) in order for N.O.D. to negotiate an even lower price/cost/rate for you.

D – Determine which of at least three quote(s) that N.O.D. gives to you, and from which N.O.D. pre-screened seller(s) will best fit your needs and desires.  The prices/costs/rates will be negotiated to their lowest point on your behalf, now it is up to you to decide!

If you have any questions concerning N.O.D.’s services, please send your e-mails to inquiries[at]  Act now so that you can become financially independent within five years!


After you complete the questionnaire, contact one of our economic stimulus advisors in order to determine which of N.O.D.’s plans best fits you!