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Negotiations end when one is confident that the final agreed upon price/cost/rate is a great deal. After all, you, your father, or someone you know is skilled enough to completely neutralize an automobile sales representative’s offer, or so you thought. What if afterwards you learned that you could have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars if only you had the right people in place before your negotiations began, but now it’s too late. You are not alone. “Paying too much” is what happens to millions of people everyday ages 18 and over, and most people do not even know that they paid too much. Once you use our service* for the first time, we guarantee that you will use it on every major purchase for the rest of your life. And at your request, N.O.D. will renegotiate your current monthly personal and/or business expenses, click here, without compromising your current or future service, with N.O.D.’s highly skilled negotiators and volume discounting advantages once you are part of N.O.D.’s volume discount group(V.D.G.) . Virtually every time N.O.D. is able find at least one expense to renegotiate for the client to save him or her at least hundreds of dollars every year! With the power of N.O.D., you always win! However paying a lower price/cost/rate is not all that is involved in negotiations, missed opportunities are also a major factor. For example, paying a lower price/cost/rate for a new car or truck is only half the battle, additional items such as a CD player, extended warranty or even tinted windows are all things dealerships are able to throw in to sweeten the deal, if one knows how to ask for them correctly. This type of deal making happens when payment is made for many other big-ticket products and services, such as:

– the rate of interest on your mortgage, loan and/or a line of credit.
– home repairs and renovations.
– insurance rates.
– furniture.
– appliances (Stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, etc.).
– electronics (T.V., stereo systems, computers, etc.).
– service contracts and memberships (Cellular phones, internet, cable, satellite, fitness faculties, clubs, etc.).
– entering into a lease agreement to rent your apartment suite.
– wedding arrangements.
– funeral arrangements.

Virtually everyone will pay for the products and services in their lifetime that are listed above, but what about the money that is paid to you? Yes! Your livelihood, which is better known as your job, can also involve negotiations. Many people are underpaid and most of them do not even know it! Many studies have been conducted and it has been proven that minority women are targets for being underpaid and overcharged by unethical companies. Through ones entire working life, these unethical companies milk you financially and come retirement age, one can be financially ruined. They will then become one of the statistics that the financial community has been projecting for years, which will happen after the baby boomers pass through their retirement. An alarming number of people will retire destitute and you will be one of them unless you act now in order to protect yourself. If you do not solve this life-altering problem, your plans for an early retirement or any retirement nest egg will be voluntarily, and unknown to you, handed over on a silver platter to these organizations. We are talking about $500,000.00 or even more of your money that you will lose. Now, can you see where this is going? What if there was company that offered a negotiation service for transactions of $1,000.00 or more and charged a fraction of the money that would be returned to its rightful owner? Virtually everything is negotiable and there is only one company on this planet that can negotiate the lowest price/cost/rate every time; NEGOTIATE ON DEMAND, which is also known as N.O.D.! After surveying our clients, an overwhelming number of them indicated that a negotiation service would separate the good companies from the bad companies, and the ethical from the unethical. N.O.D.’s clients, known as the “Volume Discount Group” (V.D.G.), enjoy a worry free experience knowing that the companies that N.O.D. recommend to do business with have been “pre-screened,” and that the best price/cost/rate has been secured. What is N.O.D.’s bold statement for the future? Almost everyone will use N.O.D. every time to save substantially more money than they ever thought possible on their major purchase(s) and to build financial freedom easily and at a faction of the conventional time by using N.O.D.’s unique wealth building and other opportunities. Explore, discover and then prosper with N.O.D.! One client said; “The NEGOTIATE ON DEMAND service will be an invaluable tool in order to achieve a realistic early retirement plan within five years.” There are some people, mainly men, who are confident that they are skilled enough to get the best deal possible on their own. However, there questions that they should ask themselves before it costs them more money than necessary is:

– Does he or she have an ongoing healthy business relationship with the people at the companies that he or she is negotiating with?

– Can he or she promise the company a high volume of sales that will follow if the right price/cost/rate is offered to him or her?

– Is he or she a professional top-notch negotiator who is trained by some of the best negotiators to counter representatives who are trained to secure the highest price/cost/rate on a product or service?

If the answer is “no” to any or all of the questions above, N.O.D. will always get you the better negotiated price/cost/rate than him or her. An advertised price/cost/rate tag of no less than $1,000.00 is the lowest dollar amount that N.O.D. negotiates for their clients. Once you give N.O.D. “the nod”, their highly skilled, and connected, representatives will get right to work so that you can get results fast! Clients are enjoying the simple three step negotiation process:

N – Negotiate the lowest price/cost/rate possible for the product(s) or service(s) that you are planning to buy or pay for, and then get the agreed price/cost/rate quoted in writing with all the details from the seller(s). NOTE: The minimum original price/cost/rate for the product(s) or service(s) that you are planning to buy or pay for must be $1,000.00 or more.

O – Open a N.O.D. negotiation account, after completing the questionnaire (The webpage link is located at the bottom of this webpage.), and then select from one of the many plans that suits you. Then provide N.O.D. the written quote(s) from the seller(s) in order for N.O.D. to negotiate an even lower price/cost/rate for you.

D – Determine which of at least three quote(s) that N.O.D. gives to you, and from which N.O.D. pre-screened seller(s) will best fit your needs and desires. The prices/costs/rates will be negotiated to their lowest point on your behalf, now it is up to you to decide!

Whether you are a teenager who is looking for a great deal on your first car, or an older person who is upgrading to a more expensive home, N.O.D. can get the job done. In fact, just to see how effective N.O.D. is after you become a client. Every time you are purchasing a big-ticket item, negotiate the best price/cost/rate that you can, get your detailed quote in writing, and then allow N.O.D. to beat it. No one can get the low prices/costs/rates that N.O.D. can get you. How does N.O.D. do this? One of the ways is volume. As more people join N.O.D., we are able to improve buying power through group discounts and volume purchasing. The minute that each client joins the N.O.D., he or she is guaranteed to save big money with the powerful and every growing “Volume Discount Group” (V.D.G.). The higher the number of clients that join the V.D.G., the lower the cost for the product(s) or service(s) he or she wants to buy. This is a service that no one worldwide can do without! All it takes to enjoy the benefits of this invaluable service is a very small percentage of the money that you save after the negotiations and final purchases are completed**. Lock in the lowest rates for life today before it increases without advance notice. One of our economic stimulus advisors can even tell you how you can get this service absolutely free! Once N.O.D. receives your quote from the company that you want to buy your product or service from, N.O.D. will always start by first negotiating with that particular company. Then N.O.D. will then search its database for companies with a previous ongoing relationship, and a top-notch reputation in order to match that product or service and negotiate on your behalf the lowest:

– Interest rate possible, and then guide you to pay off your mortgage years ahead of schedule. As you may or may not know, if make your monthly mortgage payments over 20 years, you could pay double or more of the cost of what you agreed upon for your home. Here’s an example: You pay $100,000.00 for a home. If you get a 20-year mortgage at a 5.5% interest rate and make monthly payments over 20 years, it will cost you a total payout of $164,256.00 to pay it off. N.O.D.’s accelerated mortgage reduction plan could save you 50% or more off the interest payments!

– Cost for your home repairs and renovations.
– Insurance rates.
– Price for your furniture.
– Price for your appliances (Stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, etc.).
– Price for your electronics (T.V., stereo systems, computers, etc.).
– Rates for your service contracts and memberships (Cellular phones, internet, cable, satellite, fitness faculties, clubs, etc.).
– Cost for your vacation/travel and related services.
– Cost to rent your apartment suite.
– Price to buy your home.
– Price to buy your automobiles, repairs, and related services.
– Price for just about anything that is a major purchase or would require negotiating.

In addition, if you have unpaid debts, N.O.D. will negotiate interest relief or payouts on your debts for only pennies on the dollar! First let N.O.D. get you healthy and then let N.O.D. get you wealthy!

N.O.D. can help you avoid the risk of losing your retirement nest egg. The amount of money that N.O.D. can help you save, even if you invest your savings conservatively, can add up over the years to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more! However, if you make a life-altering mistake by not acting now, at the time of retirement there is not much you can do. However, if you take action today, you will be safe and secure just by becoming a N.O.D. client. Talk to one of our economic stimulus advisors today in order to get all the details and determine which plan will work for you!

Here is some information that has been gathered and website links that support what the N.O.D. team concluded before this service was introduced. Keep in mind that these are just a few the examples out there:

Ethnic minorities, better educated but paid less:,,596856,00.html

Earning less at your career:

Latinos overcharged:

Fashion magazine April 2006 page 95:
“Women are treated differently than men”

“A 1991 Harvard Law Review study examined what happened when six people-three white men, a white woman, a black man and a black woman-went car shopping. Results were hardly surprising: The white woman paid 40 percent more than the white men; the black woman paid over three times what the white males did. The report also highlighted how the black woman was subjected to prejudice that didn’t involve price, such as being asked if she was married or what her profession was.”…”Women are often quoted different prices at the dealerships,” says Rob Gentile, director of auto pricing services for the independent American research group Consumers Reports.”

Higher loan rates:

Over your lifetime, save big money on your major purchases by becoming a N.O.D. client today or lose the chance that you deserve to retire early by accumulating your savings into a $500,000.00 + nest egg so that you can avoid retiring destitute. Every time you make a decision on a major purchase that results in you losing $1,000.00, $5,000.00, or $10,000.00 or more, that money conservatively invested over 10, 20, 30 or more years could compound into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for you. Will that money be part of your net worth or are you going to allow it to become a part of a corporation’s net worth? It’s your money, and money saved, is money earned. If you do not protect yourself now, the more money that you earn is the more money that you are going to lose. If you do nothing, continue to get paid less than what you should and allow yourself to be overcharged for your major purchases, it will lead to your financial destruction. If you have any questions concerning N.O.D.’s services, please send your e-mails to: inquiries[at] Act now so that you can become financially independent within five years!


* The product or service that you are planning to pay for must be a minimum of $1,000.00.

** After you complete the questionnaire, contact one of our economic stimulus advisors in order to determine which of N.OD.’s plans best fits you!