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Chances are that you are on this website because your company has been experiencing a growing number of inquiries by very excited potential and existing customers/clients. They are asking if your company is advertising on Negotiate on Demand’s (N.O.D.) Free stuff webpage(s) so that when they qualify, they will be rewarded by receiving what your company sells paid for by N.O.D.. Could this be a brand new marketing breakthrough that is now about to take on the world by storm? You better believe it! Once you understand N.O.D.’s specially designed marketing strategy, this will be a dream come true for the companies that acts immediately.

This fantastic news should excite you to a point where you may not get any sleep tonight. Why? Because all the facts proves that the companies that acts now and implements N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy could start enjoying record sales year after year. On this webpage, there are links to very creditable third party organizations that supports what N.O.D. is boldly stating. You can read the facts and act now or your company can just ignore all the new attention and generate a lot less revenue than what it should realize. If your company does not provide what customers/clients wants, they are going to keep looking until they find it which means lost opportunities to attract new customers/clients, or even worst, lose some of your company’s customers/clients to your competitors forever!

Quickly eliminate your company’s competitors by using which will soon become recognized as the newest, the best and most powerful marketing strategy to open the flood gates and generate record revenues year after year for your company! Did you ever think that it was ever possible for your company to get such a huge edge over your competitors so that they spiral out of business leaving it wide open for your company to take over the rest of their customers and/or clients literally overnight? N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy was specially designed to eliminate your competitors. Compare the conventional marketing and advertising strategies, that your company is using now, to N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy and you will quickly see the huge difference. Now N.O.D. knows that your company will realize sooner or later that your decision of “yes”, “no” or “do nothing”, which will be made right now, will either mark the beginning of the end for your company or record revenues year after year that you have always wanted. Let’s dissect the conventional marketing strategy that your company now uses and N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy:


First of all, ask yourself these questions about:

(Consider the following questions from a customer’s/client’s point of view.)
If I was a customer/client who wanted to acquire a product(s) and/or service(s) or also known as “rewards”, would I pay at least $250.00 US/CDN out of my pocket or would I pay a fraction of that amount if I was convinced that I can easily qualify, as many times as I could, for at least a $250.00 US/CDN credit?



Once I have qualified and have decided to acquire my rewards, would I go to a company where I have at least a $250.00 US/CDN credit so that I would not have to pay any money from out of my pocket or would I go to its competitor where I would have to pay out of my pocket for the same rewards?




Once I received my rewards and realize how easy it is to do, would I tell people that I know about N.O.D.’s Free stuff opportunity?






(Consider these questions from your company’s point of view.)
If I am convinced that my company could effortlessly put in place N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy within one or two business days, would I do it now?




If there was a way that my company could advertise more inexpensively than it does now, get a growing number of new and existing customers/clients to prepay for the products and/or services that my company sells to offset the upcoming low sales volume months in January, February and etc., and generate a new and growing stream of revenue, would I start using N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy right now before my competitors beats my company to it? This will be big, big, business for your company and just to help you understand how big it really is, just click here.  And on January 10, 2007 CNBC’s “on the money” (OTM) announced that over 80 billion dollars was spent by Americans alone but what is even more interesting is that 6% equaling billions of gift cards are never redeemed, click here increasing the already soaring profits for retailers.

There are many more articles on the internet so if you are still not convinced, check them out. There is overwhelming positive reports from both retailers and consumers when it comes to the gift card phenomenon. Gift cards originated from gift certificates so why does N.O.D. buy gift certificate cards for the promoters when they qualify instead of going with gift cards? It’s simply less costly and faster to get any company up and running with N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy.

When a company uses the conventional print, TV, radio, and/or electronic ways to advertise, there is no way that the company can provide anywhere close to the huge level of customer/client value that N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy provides. And for the company, a growing base of loyal customers/clients and the simplicity to operate which leads to record revenues! There are many more advantages and options that our N.O.D. team can share with you. Bottom line N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy is brilliant, by far superior and is the future. If huge customer/client value, loyalty, a growing customer/client base done in a simple way so that your company can realize record revenues year after year is important to your company’s survival and plans for growth, then there is no time for delays. Your company needs to use N.O.D.’s new Free stuff marketing strategy right now before it’s too late! To start, why not just try Free stuff advertising and then you can upgrade your company anytime to the Free stuff marketing strategy?

How does Free stuff advertising work? A link from your company’s webpage, or for a small fee N.O.D. will create a webpage for your company, will be placed on the applicable N.O.D.’s city, province/state or country Free stuff webpage linking your company’s website or webpage to N.O.D.’s webpage. Then when any of your customer/clients (Which are referred to as N.O.D. Free stuff opportunity “promoters”) qualifies, he or she will select their reward from one of the companies that has a link from N.O.D.’s webpage to their website or webpage. So after your company gets started, your company needs to immediately encourage all its customers/clients to join the Free stuff opportunity so that when any of the promoters qualifies, they can choose your company to get their free rewards. And then you can enjoy seeing the money that your company pays for N.O.D.’s Free stuff advertising in first place be returned back to your company from N.O.D.!

For a limited time, refer other companies that are not affiliated with your company to use for the first time N.O.D.’s Free stuff advertising and N.O.D. will reward your company a finder’s fee for as long as your company and the new company continues to use N.O.D.’s Free stuff advertising! Now what other advertising company do you know that offers a 100% cost offsetting opportunity like this? In the end, only with N.O.D.’s Free stuff advertising, your company can earn back what it pays for the most effective and inexpensive advertising technique in the world or earn a virtually unlimited amount of money with N.O.D.’s Free stuff marketing strategy!

So how much does Free stuff advertising cost? Only an incredible $35.00 US/CDN every 28 days for each of your locations on every one million people that resides in a city, province/state or country that your company selects to advertise in.

Example # 1: Suppose there are one million people in a city and your company has one location somewhere else in the world and chooses to advertise in that city of the one million people. Your company would pay only $35.00 US/CDN every 28 days.

Example # 2: Suppose there are three million people in a city and your company has two locations in that city. Your company would pay only $175.00 US/CDN every 28 days.

Example # 3:
Suppose there are 30 million people in a state, your company has one location outside of that state and chooses to advertise only in the state of the 30 million people. Your company would pay only $1,050.00 US/CDN every 28 days. Pay month to month (Which would be within every 28 days) to get started, and an annual $100.00 US/CDN activation fee must be paid up front plus the applicable monthly N.O.D. Free stuff advertising cost. Pay up front for the next 12 months (annual) to get started, the annual $100.00 US/CDN activation fee will be waived.

You can also upgrade from month to month to annual within 28 days of starting Free Stuff advertising, and get a 100% credit towards the annual cost. Calculations of a population in any city, province/state or country are all rounded up to the next million. The minimum cost for Free stuff advertising is $35.00 US/CDN every 28 days. Send an e-mail to inquiries[at] and in the subject line write: “Free stuff marketing strategy” in order to get started immediately.


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