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Specialty services

– “Retirement Bankruptcy” is a growing trend where people are not fully retiring from working at age 65 or younger. With their financial independence dreams dashed, these people are working longer because they have to in order to survive. With not enough retirement income amassed from sources such as pensions, savings, etc., these people are statused as “Retirement Bankruptcy” at the time when they should be fully retired, financially independent and enjoying their dreams. The numbers of Retirement Bankruptcy are increasing every year and it is projected that most people will be faced with the same devastating dilemma. Find out if you will be one of these people heading in the direction of Retirement Bankruptcy who will be the majority in the future and then let us show you how to insure that you will not become another financial casualty.  Click here.

– Are you in debt and struggling to keep up?  Do you have creditors and collection agencies harassing you?  Are you considering bankruptcy? At a fraction of what the industry charges, get your financial life back on track and onward to prosperity by using N.O.D.’s debt management and debt settlement services and reduce your debt by 70%+.  Coming soon!

– The Volume Discount Group allows people to try out N.O.D. inexpensively after an economic expense assessment is completed. Click here for more details!

– HERE’S A STARTLING FACT: Within the next 10 years it is projected that there will be no middle class!  If you are currently in the middle class, you have already begun to either sink to join the poor or rise to join the wealthy class!  DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE DESTINED FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM OR FINANCIAL FAILURE?  Find out if you can easily become financial free within five years guaranteed!  Complete the N.O.D. freedom five financial assessment questionnaire by clicking here.

– Employees! Double your paydays at your work…Employers!  Retain your valuable staff and attract the best of the best…Click here for more details!

– Recover 100% of your money that you lost in the stock market with N.O.D.’s emergency investment recovery service.  And protect your investments for the future starting today! Click here for more details!

– Hire a N.O.D. personal shopper so that you can enjoy the conveniences of saving time and best of all, money!  Click here for more details!

– Reduce your household energy expenses by arranging for a household energy expense reduction specialist to conduct a quick assessment at your home.  In approximately 15 minutes, you could start saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year!  Click here for more details!

– Almost instantly reduce your monthly personal and/or business expenses. Starting today, you could start saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year! Click here for more details!

– Recover all the advertising dollars that your business had ever spent by upgrading from renting to N.O.D.’s advertising ownership opportunity (N.A.O.O.)!  Click here for more details!

– Promote N.O.D. and N.O.D. will match your event spending budget so that you will double the amount of money for your event!  Now you can super size your birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, baby shower, retirement party, grand opening event, etc.. Click here for more details!

– “0% interest self-financing” for loans and mortgages!  Replace all your existing high interest loans, mortgages and debts with 0% interest self-financing.  Secure pre-approved 0% interest self-financing now for your future loan(s) and mortgage(s) too.  You will never pay a single penny in interest.  No hidden fees or strings attached.  No credit check and no reporting.  Guaranteed approval for everyone!  N.O.D. will show you how to easily “finance yourself first” and save thousands of dollars.  A limited number of people will benefit from this limited time offer!

– “A major financial breakthrough for you!”  N.O.D. has designed the world’s first no cost, easiest and fastest financial freedom program so that you can become a millionaire within approximately the next 12 months!  It’s simply called the “N.O.D. zero investment over 12 months for financial freedom program”!  N.O.D., who is projected to become as big or bigger than most of the biggest companies in the world, was designed for clients so that they would save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their major purchases that are over $1,000.00.  You must act now while this incredible opportunity is still at the ground floor stage.  You can maximize your success with this once in a lifetime window of opportunity, which is positioned for a massive explosion of money paid out to ordinary people very soon.  It costs you nothing now or ever to get paid to effortlessly refer people to N.O.D..  All you have to do is refer people that you know to N.O.D. who are planning to make a major purchase within the next six months.  N.O.D. handles the rest, and you receive your growing paychecks when they become N.O.D. clients and each time they pay to use the N.O.D. service.  Virtually all first time clients that you will refer to N.O.D. will continue to use the N.O.D. service many times throughout their lives.  They will then tell others, which means a lifetime of growing revenue stream for you!  There is virtually no limit on the amount of money that you could earn in your spare time!  “Corner the market by acting now and then watch your income explode!” You can wipe out your tuition debt if you are a past or current student.  In fact, go on to become completely debt free.  Buy that dream home, car or go on that vacation that you always wanted to enjoy.  Make your dreams come true by retiring earlier than you planned. Whatever your financial dreams are, you can make them all into reality within approximately 12 months by starting now with N.O.D..  But first, e-mail N.O.D. at:inquiries[at] and in the subject line write in “N.O.D. zero investment over 12 months for financial freedom program” for complete details on how to get started.

– Pay off your tuition debt within 90 days!  Student Capital 1 is the answer for part time student client account promoters who are paid at least $5,000.00 per month promoting a breakthrough solution for millions of future, present and past students to pay off their tuition debt within 90 days!  This is a very simple and effective promotion technique.  If you can memorize and say just one sentence to every student that you come in contact with that has a student loan, your success with the N.O.D. is virtually guaranteed.  Timing is crucial if you expect the maximum results.  So why would any student choose to earn minimum or low wages when he or she can earn a guaranteed salary and go on to unlimited income promoting this easy, exciting and fun 90 day tuition debt solution?  Click here for complete details and join the revolution!

– Are you looking at getting into the modelling and/or talent industry?  If you are between the ages of 18 – 25, Negotiate on Demand’s Rainbow International Modelling and Talent Agency, also known as (RIMATA), is focused on you to maximize your true potential. Click here find out how.  Currently, RIMATA is only focusing on discovering and developing young people who have no previous experience in the modelling and/or talent industry.