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Black history month

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What is Black History Month?

“Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.”

Mayor Tory’s Black History Month Message 2016. Click here.

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Why you should always respect Black History Month? If you live in North America and you don’t know why, you really don’t have any connection to the Black race.  Untold true stories of the contributions to the building of countries outside of Africa and it was done against their will and there was no compensation paid. Asians, Jews and Aboriginals were and are getting compensation, but the Blacks have not even received an apology.  An estimated 100 million Blacks were slaughtered during the dark slave era, they were also raped, stripped of their identity, culture and all unimaginable other acts of evil was done against a race of people who paid a debt that they did not owe.  Over $100 trillion is owed for unpaid forced labour which calculates to $1.5 million per Caucasian.  Not a single criminal was brought to justice.  Today, if a person kills a dog or cat, for example, they will do jail time but not if it is a Black person because it appears by many that Blacks are lower than animals.  Does this sound fair to you? Or how about all the Blacks who served in the war in this country for approximately 400 hundred years and you still never hear or see them in the media getting honoured at remembrance day just like the Caucasian elderly men who you see every year? They keep saying, “Least we forget.”  The Blacks are intentionally ignored but why?  Can you name one you have seen a Black person who served for this country get honoured? Does their lives matters too?  Or how about the racial profiling and the shooting of unarmed black males by law enforcement?  Now you know why you should always respect Black History and these facts are just a small number of the numerous examples. If you have any humanity, this is the time to start acting by financially supporting the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative to take a proactive approach to save all at-risk youth from turning to gangs and to dispel the negative stereotypes of people of colour, especially young black males.  Here’s how you can start honouring Black History to make right the wrongs and show the overdue respect:

– buy and wear a “I RESPECT BLACK HISTORY MONTH” sticker during Black History Month. Buy here.  And like our Facebook pages; Learning about Canadian Heroes and Learning about Black Heroes.


– educate yourself on Canadian Black History and beyond in order to validate the above-noted facts.  Articles you should read. You can start by purchasing the Ancient Black History guide and other related information on this website.  Coming soon!

– attend Black history month events. Click here. Have you noticed every year in the local newspapers, there are no mention of Black History Month events? In fact, there are either controversial mentions and/or slave stories in those newspapers but when Chinese new day, only one day, rolls around, they get front page coverage, politicians are seen at Chinese new pre day events, full page mentions for days and best regards by banks and corporations and listings of events the public can attend. We have events but it appears we do not get the respect. Review the daily local newspapers  and watch the news stations every day during the month of February and then let us know what you find or not.

– sign this online petition and recruit others in order to have Black and Aboriginal History taught in all schools in America.

– make a fair and reasonable contribution(s). There are several unfunded  local Black based causes you can choose. A local Black based cause is an organization which is founded and is operated by Blacks which focusses their attention on economic issues which cripples the community. When the economy goes down, crime goes up. Impoverished areas are in a permanent recession because they have been set for failure by the government that deliberately underfunds and underserves these areas. Now do you understand why there are are more Blacks and Aboriginal males in jail then othere races? They are the neglected. They are the ones who are left behind for failure. Please note: B.M.O.’s studies has shown that Canadians allocate on average $580.00 every year to causes of this nature and philanthropists on average $5,200.00 so if you believe in equality for everyone, please give generously every month or year because gangs and violence effects everyone and this is a winnable battle. Here’s why people contribute regularly and generously to local based causes every month or year.


– take action for equality!

– buy and wear an anti “RACISM” sticker around March 21st for only $10.00 each. Buy here. March 21st is “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”. Read here.


– buy and wear a I SUPPORT anti-racism T-shirt for only $25.00 each. Buy here!


–  buy an ambidextrous anti-racism mug for only $25.00 each. Buy here!


– buy an anti-racism coaster for only $20.00 each. Buy here!


– buy and wear a “Dump Trump” sticker for only $10.00 each. Buy here.

– become a regular buyer of our products from our growing product line. Click here! They are located close to the bottom of the webpage.

If you wish to contact Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns, please call 1-888-663-6602, Ext.  9 or send your e-mails to: inquiries[at]thenod.ca .

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