Black Bay Street

Black Bay Street
Black Bay Street
Slogan: Unite, restore and rise.


Mission: To financially empower Blacks in Canada and beyond.


Motto: “Buy Black. Sell Black. Stay in the Black.”


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The official launch of Black Bay Street will take place at the Inaugural Black History Month Annual Walk for Freedom event. See our Facebook event posting here. Register now and become part of this historic movement by buying the “BLACK BAY STREET – NOD” silicone wrist bracelet for only $20.00 each. Our goal: “To have at least every “conscious” and adult minded black person and supporter in Canada and in the US buy and wear the BLACK BAY STREET – NOD and/or BLACK WALL STREET – NOD silicone wrist bracelet.”

BLACK BAY STREET wrist bracelets

BLACK BAY STREET wrist bracelets

If you are a Canadian, buy here for the BLACK BAY STREET – NOD wrist bracelet! If you are an American, buy here for the BLACK WALL STREET – NOD wrist bracelet! Earn $300,000 in 30 days or less!  Empower yourself! Uplift your local black community! And realize a brighter black future starting today!  Read here on Facebook. Join our investment club called the “Black Bay Street investment group” by clicking here.

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Black Wealth for Life Class

Must haves, for Blacks

Blacks must be aware that THEIR MONEY they spend EMPOWERS those who receive it. Unfortunately most Blacks do not realize these organizations do not have, never had and never will have the best interests of Black race in mind. Anywhere outside of Africa was built off the backs of slaves and even now those who benefits from their ancestors’ unpunished crimes are unapologetic and are unwilling to make right the wrongs. By spending YOUR  MONEY with the Black Bay Street movement, you are insuring that your unheard voice is heard and that a Black economic community is the greatest asset the Black race owns. A progressive Black economic community dictates the quality in every facet of life that you, your family and your generations after will experience. Our greatest asset always must be our first priority, which is our Black economic community.  Why we need to redirect all our resources towards a progressive Black economic community? Because every other race has done so for hundreds of years. It is well overdue for us to unite as a group to organize from struggling to follow those who do not extend the proper respect and appreciation for our economic spending power because our spending decisions has netted us an economic loss every time.  It is time to start thinking “Black smart money”. Here’s how you start rebuilding Black wealth and prosperity:

– Every Black person should buy a Black Bay Street wrist bracelet, T-shirt and mug.

– A Black person’s home is their sanctuary and within it there should be items which represents the best of Black achievements which, will sooth their soul, inspire and encourage discussions with family members and those who visit their home of Black pride and happiness. Blacks should buy the Unsung Black Heroes Calendar and other related Black Bay Street items and services.

– Share the Black Bay Street movement with as many Blacks as you can.

– Become a distributor of the growing branded Black Bay Street items and services. These items and services includes EVERYTHING Blacks pays for!


The Unsung Black Heroes calendar

Unsung Black Heroes Calendar cover

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Membership services

NODs presentation folder

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Black Bay Street Employment and Career Advancement Agency


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Black Bay Street Black Business Education for Superior Excellence


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Black Bay Street T-shirt


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Black Wall Street T-shirt

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Black Bay Street mug


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Black Black Street mug


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Black Bay Street coaster


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Black Wall Street coaster


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Black Bay/Wall Street Two Tone Tote bag


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The Caribbean eve business and consumer Expo Click here for complete details!

Volunteers are needed for a historic revolution to create a new world called “project reclaim”.  We earmarked $100,000,000 to fund business start-ups and expand existing businesses for Blacks who completes our basic business program and graduates at the top of their volunteering group. Each awardee, will receive a minimum of $10,000 and could qualify for dollar matching for further funding. In addition, we will work with you to make sure you hit the ground running and receive ongoing training and support from our management team. E-mail us at: inquiries[at] to find out if you will be selected to make history.


Caribbean Parade Eve Business volunteer flyer N.O.D. front Caribbean Parade Eve Business volunteer flyer N.O.D. backThis flyer was last updated on June 15, 2016

Volunteer and you will receive a T-shirt and a Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns or a Black Bay Street or Black Wall Street wrist bracelet!

Caribbean Biz Expo volunteer T-shirt frontCaribbean Biz Expo volunteer T-shirt back

STVASTG volunteer T-shirt frontSTVASTG volunteer T-shirt back


Anti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt frontAnti-violence against females volunteer T-shirt back




Reclaim which is ours…

Let's Reclaim Caribbean Carnival Festivities Now!

Buy here, wear and encourage others to do the same if you feel Blacks should regain control and ownership of Caribbean Carnival Festivities. See here for complete details.

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Click here for updates concerning A Taste of Paradise Restaurant!


Do you know what “racial economic profiling” is? If you don’t know, you should read here.

 Racial Economic Profiling Banner     N.O.D.'s Blueprint for Success in Life banner

Below is an economic recovery assessment form which is for only people who have been and still are victims of racism.

Definition of Racism:

Please complete the form below and we will determine how we can help you recover the economic opportunities you may have lost and losing every day, manage your expenses, accumulate wealth, home ownership, plan for early retirement and generational succession for equality.

Having problems completing the form below?  E-mail us at:  inquiries[at] and in the subject line, write “Black Bay Street economic recovery assessment application form – Help”.




What the proceeds will be used for: 

1) To continue advancing the Silence the Violence and Shun the Guns initiative step by step by first expanding our growing catalogue of publications and related items.

2) Establish a retail store called, “Black Beauty” located in the Toronto Path, which will offer Black History related apparel and related and will double to launch professionally operated black based businesses, promoting them to primarily to the black community is what the Black Bay Street movement is all about. Contribute as low as $20.00 per month towards establishing a retail store in the Toronto downtown Path which will also be used as our business creation and nurturing incubator. Or you can make a single contribution and share this initiative with your friends to contribute too at our crowdfunding page by clicking here. Planning, seed capital assistance, training, advertising, proper execution of roll out, promotion and ongoing support will provided to those who are willing to work towards meeting our proven standards for success.  The Black Bay Street movement will strive to increase the consolidation of black buying power for the black economy, create much needed prosperity, employment and affordable housing opportunities where most likely life long apartment renting families can acquire a brand new single dwelling home in a good neighborhood and begin building wealth and restart generational succession.  We must create a Black economic community where Blacks can spend their money from birth to death. We need you to launch our Black Bay Street launching pad to free our own so that they can soar! When the history books are written, will you be reading about our brothers and sisters who woke up and took charge of their lives or will people be reading about you? Our goal for 2016 is to launch at least four brick and mortar businesses. Every year a progressive number of black based businesses will follow to build our economic community. Will you be one of those people who will be owing one of the Black Bay Street’s launched businesses?  Start today because there is no time for delay!

Business Incubator

Definition: An organization designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections.

Fact: In North America, Blacks spend over 9 billion dollars annually and yet most of those dollars are ending up in the coffers of non Black organizations which in turn do not recirculate into the Black community. Instead many of these organizations spend their advertising and promotion dollars with media outlets which negatively portrays people of colour, particularly Black males, in a negative light. In addition to being the biggest consumers, we have the least in assets. We wonder why we do not have generational succession, like virtually all other races, when we unwittingly continue to use these learned recipes for financial failure. Then to make sure that we continue on the road for financial failure until we die, the financial system has set up unsavvy financial people for “Retirement Bankruptcy”. Inspired by the Black Wall Street in 1921, the Black Bay Street movement is the complete opposite to the road for financial failure that most people of colour, particularly Blacks, are on. We need to recover what was taken away from us. We need to unlearned the deep-rooted behaviors which has caused us to underachieve our true potential. We need to get our social affairs in order. We need to peacefully and strategically make right the wrongs that those who are benefiting from us choose not to cease. We need to restore ourselves back to royalty. Today is too late. The time is now. Join the movement to realize the historic vision, Black Bay Street in Canada and beyond. Get started now by signing this petition to have black and Aboriginal history taught in all schools in NorthA  America and completing the confidential form below, e-,ail us at: inquiries[at] if you have trouble completing the form and indicate in subject line write: “Black Bay Street application assistance”, or you can apply to volunteer by clicking here.

What you will need to complete this online form:

– the answers for the first four questions for this form. Ask the person who directed you to this webpage for the answers.

– your up to date resume.

– pictures of you – closeup headshots of your front, right and left taken in front of a white background with bright lighting. Someone can help you take the photos using a cellular phone.

Having problems completing the form below? E-mail us at: inquiries[at] and in the subject line, write “Black Bay Street volunteer application submission form – Help”.




Once our personnel has reviewed your submitted form, you be contacted to meet in order to discuss on how we can restore you back to royalty.


Useful tools 

Jamaicans believe in the rallying song one love but what if those who you are offering that one love isn’t giving it back?  Jamaicans are known to stress that they must be respected but if the ones you respect do not respect you? These deception artists are everywhere where they manipulate and exploit naive Blacks. Most Blacks do not have any idea of what the basics of finance. So while those deception artist friends claims they are your friend, they are refusing to contribute to “local Black based causes” and yet they expect that you give your money, volunteer your time and efforts for their causes.   Print a copy of this handout and give it to your non-Black friends to determine if your friends are really your friends or a predator. Print here.

Are panhandlers are asking you for money because they are hungry?  Most of the panhandlers, who we encounter daily in the Toronto down town area, are white people. We pay taxes so that no one should go hungry. Simply give them this list of food sources. Don’t be surprised if you see the same person at the same spot at another time panhandling for what they really want which is most likely drugs and alcohol.

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